eleven has not started, everyone is busy awfully, online shopping owners are busy grab envelopes, orders, and business giants are busy playing the PR battle, inevitably, Jingdong and Tmall catsanddogs won the attention of the public.

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in the message, Liu Qiangdong also responded to "love who who say what! Anyway, I love my wife!", full of overbearing President fan.

then two hours, fried tea and what are the pros and cons of the Jingdong brand? We may wish to review by Liu Qiangdong tea journey:


Home Furnishing

2015 at the end of April, Liu Qiangdong once again declared high-profile appearance, opened a tea shop in Zhongguancun business street, named "JD intelligent tea museum". Since it is milk tea museum, natural and tea sister and can not take off relations.

5 8, Liu Qiangdong and tea sister appeared in the ribbon cutting ceremony, and was photographed wearing a ring on the hands of two people, was considered a good thing.

enter the store, the rise is a display on playing "Jingdong + Intelligent Tea Museum" propaganda slides. From a series of intelligent equipment in the Tea Museum, this is definitely not only Liu Qiangdong ho throw daughter, Bo Mei smile impulse behavior, but also a successful event marketing. The use of two people’s attention, successfully attracted all the media, the smart home for the Museum of human life to do human flesh.