although we are a country of the rule of law, but in the relevant legal system, a lot of bad business is still desperate to sit and harm the interests of the sale. At present, the phenomenon of illegal fund-raising Lianyungang Xuan Yuan breeding company is serious, defrauding the elderly pension up to 114 million yuan, so many of the elderly living in a quandary, can not find a way out. Here, along with the small series, in order to do a specific understanding of this court garden breeding company.

company mismanagement will be playing illegal fund-raising idea, after the incident, 513 people reported to the police, involving up to about 114 million yuan, mostly the elderly victims, their pension capital, or even living in a dilemma. The day before, Lianyungang (601008, shares) Intermediate People’s court for fraud Panmou sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and fined 400 thousand yuan, the illegal proceeds shall be recovered, and the proportion of reimbursement of the victim.

2013 in December 21st, Lianyungang City Public Security Bureau (now Haizhou Public Security Bureau) received a report that the masses, Lianyungang Xuan Yuan court legal representative of the company illegal deposits from the public, has fled. The same day, the police filed and online pursuit of a pan. In March 22, 2014, Panmou arrested in Chongqing, was escorted back to Lianyungang.

2009 in October, the company launched a pan engaged in poultry farming, but the operating situation is not good, he thought to borrow money to enhance the strength of the company’s capital. He and several employees to operate in the name of culture to the public propaganda, deposits to the public in the monthly interest rate of 3 points and 5 points of the temptation of high interest rates. They exaggerate the strength of the company, claiming that the company is a provincial, City basket engineering units, demolition of the million yuan, fixed assets, such as billions of dollars.

the earliest participants can get interest on time, at any time to extract the principal, but also get additional incentives such as eggs, which stimulated the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in financing. Then, a mass ten, ten hundred, more and more people to provide Panmou loans, they are out for the elderly, pension, after the incident to the police, as many as 513 people.

pan will be credited to the personal accounts of loans, with a small part of the production and operation. Panmou after appearing in court, can not explain the use of other loans. Due to the huge amount of borrowing, the company operating profit can not maintain the capital chain, eventually leading to the capital chain rupture, pan foot. Remove the principal and interest payment of 26 million 875 thousand and 900 yuan, there is actually a pan of $87 million 366 thousand and 900 can not repay.

Lianyungang City prosecutor’s office in order to commit a crime of fraud to the court. The undertaker found the victims are mostly older people, they would save the pension pan somewhere, not only did not receive interest, even the principal are wiped out some difficulties in life. The Contractor shall actively coordinate with the public security organs to recover the arrears to the maximum extent so as to make up for the losses of the victims. The most recommended