constellation for the influence of many, and then the whole network Xiaobian to explore the constellation for 2012 would like to venture you what effect, may wish to refer to your sign features and occupation attribute



Taurus is not suitable for the spur of the moment business. Taurus if you want to start a business, it is more suitable to create a big business, and is supported by a strong background, such as inheritance of family property, in addition to open up the market to create innovation, etc.. But Taurus is not suitable for vendors or pendulum is the network virtual shops and so on, this kind of small capital, revenue uncertainty, and the war and go mode of operation, because Taurus insecurity, Taurus will make comparison without risking space. Taurus if you want to start, need to have counsel only after the move, complete planning, funds are in place, and also plans to exit mechanism for poor management in case of good, to practice. Stable development and security and stability is the focus of the life of Taurus, if you do not have a grasp of 90%, venture capital is not very suitable for Taurus oh.


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