more ethnic characteristics of the product, the more able to sell to the world. In the field of entrepreneurship, this sentence has the same effect. After 80 entrepreneurs to explore the value of the hometown of Qu Yong fried snacks, the use of local products sold to the world of Suining.

12 22, the reporter saw the dragon and Phoenix in the town of Yong Yong, he was a bag of freshly baked twist placed neatly, waiting for customers to come to buy. In the "Qu Fang", the workers are orderly rubbed with fried dough twist.

to follow in his footsteps.

why mention your home business selling cannabis, Qu Yong, a lot of emotion. He told reporters that more than 30 years ago, parents began selling stall twist, went to Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangyuan and other places, although only a stall, can twist has been very popular.

Although the

"is the first to try to stall, someone passing call they taste, then they won’t stop eating, said a long time did not eat such a delicious twist." The "test" to change the idea of Qu Yong twist, began to embark on the "twist" road.

2012, a specialty company to find Qu Yong, I hope the cooperation will be made to become a specialty twist. After cooperation with the company, Qu Yong opened up the first twist of the dragon and Phoenix Town shop, twist fame rose, once in short supply.


"in order to attract the attention of consumers, I put to the shop outside shouting" bee ", a voice." Qu Yong said, changing the voice is to attract customers to come over to taste, because only tasted, only to know how good twist. "At that time, voice hoarse, Sterculia every day to buy water to drink, but no effort has been recognized, twist."

convenient for tourists

"electric shock" online sell twist

"town the place of foreign tourists, recommended