drive the most let the family worry, on the high speed car accident is more serious. Recently, high-speed Lianzhuang 5 car on fire, the tragic picture is really can not bear to look, then, what is the cause of the accident?


3 27 at noon on the day of more than 11, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high-speed (G4) Long Tan section of the north south direction of K1530 km, the occurrence of multi car rear end fire accident. Xiangtan City, 119 command center 12 after receiving the alarm, the rapid mobilization of 3 fire squadron 7 fire engines rushed to the scene disposal, then the fire rescue command car attendance also arrived at the scene directing rescue.

according to the driver, before the incident, Beijing high-speed north south direction because of the heavy fog is slow traffic, tank car license plate for Guangxi B43290 full equipped with hydrogen peroxide drive to the K1530 km was suddenly the rear of the vehicle rear end, resulting in leakage of hydrogen peroxide on fire, 10 minutes to ignite surrounding a total of 5 cars, two cars in the fortunately the passengers and 2 pilots of the tanker tank at the time, Hunan M1708 hanging trolley truck truck driver all escaped from the fire scene, no one was injured. Only the truck RM529 hang another driver fled the scene.



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