online shop how to find sources? This is a lot of people trying to enter the electricity business entrepreneurs headache, so many people flinch. In fact, if you know the trick, the problem will be simple. Let Xiaobian teach you how to find the hands of the shop source.

manufacturers supply: formal manufacturers supply adequate, good attitude, if long-term cooperation, generally get the slow-moving for money. But generally speaking, the manufacturers of high volume, not suitable for small wholesale customers. If you have enough money to store, and there will be no risk of cargo pressure or fear of goods, then go to the manufacturers to purchase it.

the attention of foreign trade products or OEM: outside the current surplus products in foreign trade orders outside of many factories or some well-known brand OEM production will have some surplus products, the price is usually very low, usually the normal price of 2-4 fold, this is a good purchase channels. Buy inventory backlog or clearance processing products is also a good way. Because of the rush to deal with this kind of goods, the price is usually very low, if you have enough bargaining power, you can use a very low price