there are a lot of customers, once more, that really is implacable, after all many people even with the shopkeepers, there is no way to change the original character. But if it is to do retail business, has always been such a business philosophy, which can be very detrimental to the development of the store business. In short, if it is to do retail business, you can not argue with the customer, the need to respect the customer, so that the store’s business will be more customer recognition, can have a better development.

in the process of retail business, regardless of whether the customer said there is no reason, character does not conform to the basis of the facts, as long as they objected to obey them, avoid arguments, rather than argue, who is higher than a low. Just think, if you argue with the customer, the two sides dispute for a little thing, and finally you win, won the argument, but you have to lose a customer. Visible, the loss of your own, and your victory is meaningless.

remember once, a male customer come to my shop to buy the soy sauce. I easily took him a few bags of yellow packaging soy sauce. The customer said, I want the light red packaging Haitian soy sauce, not that yellow packaging. I said: light red is for Haitian soy sauce, stew. The Yellow packing is light in color and is used in cold dishes. Don’t you say that the Haitian red light soy sauce.

the male customers face is not fast: when I first bought a commercial letter that yellow Haitian soy sauce, only because there is out of stock to your store to buy. If you don’t have a store, say no. How can you say that no light red Haitian soy sauce? Am I out of nothing? I’ve never seen anything like this. Then, they go to disgruntled and. A few days later, I went to a shop to buy meat stuffing gongs cold meat, did not know he made a mistake: the male customer is a cold meat shop owner, to make dumplings and wonton sell every day, a lot of the amount of Haitian soy sauce. If I had been tactful, I might have got a big client.

shop management process, only a change of attitude, it is possible to bring more customers to the store. Therefore, it greatly impressed me, it makes me understand a truth: is the retail business of the taboo to argue with customers, meet with divergent time and customer, restraint and avoidance is the best way to reduce the argument, we can smile and keep silent, try to improve negotiations atmosphere. Or express some kind of apology, to quell customer complaints.