in our lives have such a group of vulnerable groups, they have a certain degree of disability due to the body, so there are many inconveniences in life and so on. In response to such a group, Dazhou actively launched the cause of social security for the disabled. In 2016, in accordance with national and provincial requirements, Dazhou city government at all levels to further increase the disabled social security undertakings, to ensure the implementation and implementation of the major livelihood projects, and gradually improve the level of protection of persons with disabilities in Dazhou city.

to establish a living allowance for people with disabilities and severe disability care subsidy system. From January 1, 2016 onwards, to hold the second generation disabled permit Dazhou Hukou residents, 2016 60 yuan per person per month subsidy, 2017 to 2020 annual increase of 10 yuan, 100 yuan per person per month by 2020 to reach the standard of payment difficulties disabled living allowance. 2016, the city is expected to invest 10 million 820 thousand yuan for the payment of living subsidies for people with disabilities.

established a severe disability care and subsidy system. To hold the second generation certificate of disability, disability rating of grade one and two with severe disabilities according to a severe disabilities 80 yuan per person per month, on the two severe disabilities standard 50 yuan per person per month given care subsidies. 2016, the city is expected to invest 49 million 658 thousand and 800 yuan for the payment of severe disability care subsidies.

establishment of poverty alleviation object living allowance system. To implement the "CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee on concentrate on winning battle poverty alleviation and development to ensure the synchronization of a comprehensive well-off society" the decision on "took the lead on aiding the disabled by living subsidies, approved annual income and poverty line standard difference, non payment of the balance of subsidies, the annual income reached a national poverty line" the policy, from 2016 onwards, hold the second generation disabled card Dazhou permanent disabilities in participatory poverty reduction target in the city, according to the policy issued by the disabled poor living subsidies object. The standard for each object, the difference between the national poverty line and the object’s annual income. 2016, the city is expected to invest 24 million 405 thousand yuan for the purpose of providing subsidies for people with disabilities living expenses.

in the process of rapid development, many people will take the lead in the development of their own, but there are also some people, their own development is limited due to various reasons, it is necessary to give strong support to the government. The city of Dazhou in support of the social security system of the disabled, continue to implement the poverty aid the rehabilitation of children with disabilities, fuel subsidies, motor wheelchairs for the disabled cataract, rural disabled dangerous transformation, aiding the disabled, disabled, disabled family home flexible employment accessibility transformation series of assistive system. In 2016 the city is expected to invest 50 million yuan to support the disabled system.

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