now invest so many businesses shop, many people have not noticed how the business should be opened early. A single price may not attract consumers into the store. How to do a good job in the new dry cleaning franchise? If you are interested in this question, let’s take a look at it.

1, suggested that the boss before the opening, read the relevant management manual issued by the headquarters

2, the boss should wear, especially in the summer dry cleaning stores opened, try not to pass through the color of clothing, elegant as well

3, opened in January, the boss is best able to personally experience, more understanding of the situation

4, owner of the station front, can give employees confidence for new employees, psychological vulnerability

5, the boss stood in front of the initial solution to customer complaints, reduce the pressure on the front desk staff and demonstration role

6, the boss stood in front, you can directly understand the needs of customers in the region’s laundry consumption, especially the special services (free sign, nail buckle, loading, unloading curtains, etc.)

7, the various production processes in the store, observe the performance of employees, to master the first-hand information of employees

8, take the lead, since the early opening makes the store management into the track, lay the foundation for future

new dry cleaning franchise shop how to do a good job? Many franchisees on this issue is not very understanding, in fact, in the early days, there is a lot you can choose the strategy, is not a single method, the franchisee need to dig, to boldly use, the above method can be used for your reference, I hope to help you.

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