is our human flesh, so it is easy to get sick, sick to go to buy medicine to eat, minor can we buy in pharmacies, the life of the people, to have a lot of disease, often have some headache fever, if some small problems of the body, we choose are made pharmacy. If you open a pharmacy chain stores, but also has a broad market demand, and the population itself is a lot, it will provide a greater market. So, how to open pharmacy chain stores.

first joined the pharmacy, the first one is to join the industry must understand this, it is difficult to operate." In fact, the threshold is not high pharmacy, a pharmacy, including joining fees and renovation costs, pre invested about 300 thousand yuan, but the operator’s requirements are very high. Although everyone has to take medicine, but after all, unlike ordinary food, drug storage, purchase, etc., are a learning." Backed by a good shade tree, is one of the reasons for the franchisee franchisee franchise. It is understood that the current pharmaceutical market in Shenzhen, United States, the United States, the United States and the United States and other brands to join the introduction of pharmacy business, joining the cost of about 50 thousand yuan.

franchisee must have a complete, clear thinking of joining the system, from the decoration to the daily operation of the site, the supply of goods, etc., have to give specific guidance and support to join. In addition, after joining, relying on the advantages of the franchise batch purchase, can promote the store drug prices, increase profit margins, are the problems to be considered." Person in charge said that those who just provide pharmacy brand franchise fees charged to join the franchise, it is best not to choose.

site selection is a core chain pharmacy. Areas with high population density, residential areas, population concentration is the place for the establishment of pharmacies. In the place where the population is concentrated, people have a great deal of demand for commodities. Of course, drugs are essential. And demand base is also very large. If the pharmacy can be located in such a place, to meet the needs of people, there will be endless business. Moreover, this place, customer demand is relatively stable, not a sudden fall in sales. Pharmacies can ensure stable income.

intimate services to attract customers. Community residents often attach great importance to these." In order to enliven the pharmacy business, after the opening of the store launched a number of preferential measures. "The opening of new stores, chain pharmacies hosted the" opening nine week campaign ", through a variety of special events, promotions, in the short term to establish new visibility, the development of a lot of customers, turnover has been rising." In addition, pharmacies also spend money to community customers to send care card, the establishment of health records for customers, so as to attract repeat customers.

do not think that such an industry needs a high technology, in fact, there is no technical threshold, and no experience can be used as soon as possible, entrepreneurship pharmacy recommended