wake up in the morning the first thing is not to drink a glass of water is not looking for clothes, but to find a cell phone, mobile phone has become indispensable in people’s daily lives. This is especially true for young people today, if the phone is out of power can be said to be a great news.

you open the screen, connect the charger, and open your nervous system. When you are asleep, you receive some new messages, a bank’s tips, and dozens of Twitter notifications. Too much content, you can not deal with it now, so you lock your phone first, stay later to deal with.

if when we are working to be interrupted, the average need 25 minutes to complete attention to the task at hand. The most important thing is that when we are distracted, we are 3 times more likely to make mistakes on tasks that require attention. If we get a new notice before the adjustment, we will not be able to concentrate.

we indulge in

is interesting, even if we can choose every day to see less notice, we won’t do that. Android intelligent notification platform Snowball, a long time to recognize this point. Their initial release will completely filter out some notifications, which means that the user will never be able to see the filtered notifications. In the end, it causes some people to stop using Snowball because they think they might miss something.