sell mop can make money, this is not surprising, after all, the sale of products to earn a part of the profits is also a simple thing. However, the sale of the mop can achieve rich, which can make a lot of people shocked. So, how to sell the rich? Let’s get to know each other.

sell mop so small business, how to earn thirty thousand?

but they did.

the more than and 30 year old couple is very modest. But a surprise, now has three houses, and is ready to join a hot pot shop. From their eyes and tone, a little can not see them so successful, because they only junior high school culture, and simple people moved. This kind of purple mop head, yellow pole mop is how to let them make a big fortune? Please let me open the secret.

small ideas open market

we began to do when the mop, is to put the market, sometimes one day less than two. At that time my husband was at work, I am a person blind crunching, got two months did not earn money. One day, my husband to accompany me to see a, an old traveller they are selling, washing cloth, with a bowl of oil, demonstrating his washing cloth are amazing, a little oil are not stained, many people have to take out money panic buying.

my husband took a look, suddenly patted his thigh and said, I have a way! My husband had done business in the south, so that his head, that morning we have opened the husband on the go ahead, when I got home, he bought two different pieces of floor tiles, there is a floor of paper. He sprinkled sawdust, soy sauce, gravel and loess on the floor. And then we use the mop up, twist, dip in the mop on the oil and water. My husband said with a smile, tomorrow you will use our mop to demonstrate to customers, and then bring a billboard – "magic non oil mop".

I laughed scornfully at that time, I’m not going to show you to demonstrate. As a result, the second day of her husband really got up early, with a box of mops to the market stall. More than 8 in the morning, the husband came back, the case did not take. He went into the house with a bad smile and opened his wallet to count the money. Our business is my husband this little idea, suddenly opened the market.

by experience step up

later her husband resigned to start formal business. After earning about 100000 yuan, we found a new pattern, which made us earn more money. This model is simply to do activities in the community.

has a