Chinese people love food, but also keen to do catering business. For small entrepreneurs, the focus of a small restaurant is popular, and the most effective way to improve the popularity of the restaurant is to carry out small business marketing.

is the fundamental characteristics of food products

when intense competition arrives, which requires food stores to come up with their own specialty food, can let customers remember, even a meal products also allow consumers to this a special meal to your shop, have their own characteristics in order to retain customers. Whether large shops, unique taste is a magic weapon to attract customers.

community promotion

our circle is a small circle, but the coverage is very broad, how do we get from this small group of customers? You need to own the restaurant stores a location, determine the target consumer groups, there is a goal, you can engage in regular promotional activities, for residential customers, is the best time to work out some leaflets, the second is to do some small activities in the District, such as scanning two-dimensional the code of public concern account can get coupons, so you can get the customer contact, a contact, then you can do accurate promotional activities.

cross-border cooperation