is a hot project in the market competition is particularly fierce, such as in the food franchise market, snack stores is blossom everywhere, the catering industry is called the forever even if the sunrise industry, but in the face of so many restaurants, as can be imagined in competition, for investors, how business is a a key problem.

has a reader dish to a snack bar, as follows: the shop in the city street bifurcated Street shop, forty or fifty square meters, the kitchen in the back, six train seated more than and 10 people dining at the same table can be.


of the store, he has repeatedly conducted a survey: the couple shop business, the main products for small Rice noodles, Sliced noodles. Business is not warm, daily turnover of about 400 yuan. Then spent 21 thousand yuan to take over the store (pots, pans, dishes, tables and chairs), the other 1500 yuan per month to pay rent for half a year. Pour all its own savings of more than 30 thousand yuan all invested, and invited to take care of the two relatives. Before he was optimistic about the oil tea (rice noodles boil paste fried fried noodles with a variety of spices), spent 500 yuan to relatives to learn. And then play the tea shop signs. Unexpectedly, not many people eat not only tea, even under the original eat noodle guests left, helpless, had to increase the facet, Rice noodles, Chuanchuan xiang. Daily income of only 100 yuan, this situation has continued for a period of three months.

this criticism is not appropriate, but a fall into the pit, to find a lesson from this matter, but also to find a method of how to manage the snack stores:

, a snack bar on the blind project: I think the new product can be fresh, strange win. But the imagination is not equal to the fact that the vast majority of our entrepreneurs are defeated here: just want to earn much money, did not want to use what way to earn.

two, no new product market survey: since it is a new product, it should be consumer survey, the easiest way is to bring new products please relatives and friends to try and taste; or new products in the market near you ready to start; the "lazy" at least to do a sales survey "snack: franchise store opened in the original varieties to increase the varieties, to introduce customers, solicit their opinions.

three, not the local consumer market survey: open snack stores in order to earn money for local people, each place has its own tastes, interests, hobbies, habits, diet culture, customs, such as the egg pancake, there is no market in the south, the North South spicy flavor can not accept, even in the two city adjacent to the public catering are likely to be quite different.

four, "out of the original customer: the original customer because Sliced noodles here love and the formation of long-term consumption habits. Alternative sentence recommendation