professional analysis of the form of domestic entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs better suggestions. Also on January at the age of 83, the famous economist, the CPPCC National Committee, professor emeritus professor of Peking University, Guanghua School of Management, Li Yining, standing on the podium to win applause. In October 24th, the second session of the high-level seminar on the development of industrial and commercial administration innovation, Li Yining brought his sparkling discourse, on the analysis of current situation of economic and social development.

" Washington Post ", let Li Yining remember. "The argument is that the United States’ fear ‘China is not because of GDP, but’ coffee shop’." He quoted the report said, there are many coffee shops in Zhongguancun, sitting inside the famous university graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, young teachers, and young private entrepreneurs, they are talking about the transfer of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and patent application.

"administration, personnel organization positions are non productive jobs, bluntly said that the concept of residence before 1930s." Li Yining reminded that the production efficiency is not only the input and output ratio, but also includes the efficiency of resource allocation, personnel work is committed to optimizing the allocation of human resources, improve the efficiency of the obvious role".

> he cut the current state-owned enterprises from the angle of