is now a variety of shops on the market is very much, have their own private, there are a lot of investment to join the brand chain, then, in the end what investment in 2012 to join the most profitable? Today, the whole network Xiaobian to introduce some, let’s take a look at it.

looked online a lot of stores, you are not already dazzling, what kind of stores the most money? This is a lot to ask the business friends, our choice is right or wrong? Choose a good store is the first step to success!


A) specialty soup express shop, nutrition, nourishing, health (crowd: mass consumption)

features express more and more fire soup shop

B) as the saying goes: "business is done, it is better to open a restaurant". Hunger breeds discontentment, a day with meals, who can less


color surface characteristics of the novel nutrition noodle industry, fierce competition in the market, only the characteristics, will make money, only the characteristics will have a selling point.

nutrition color face online information

C) personalized fashion is a selling point, personalized digital impression square