SNS community group escape fate group basically chicken ribs is an essential component of each of the SNS community, but basically no one in the SNS community groups can really fire up, this situation makes the SNS website and use the user group is confused and embarrassed. Why has it always been the "most talked about" class tool in the community that has been left out in the SNS community?

in fact, the group is a product of the second generation community, and the group is an important step forward compared to the first generation of BBS forums, and its greatest improvement over BBS is openness and freedom. Any BBS site will always have hot and cold versions, and it’s often hot and hot, and it’s getting colder. This phenomenon is also normal, because the structure of the forum is based on the "focus of attention", the topic of hot topics and discourse leaders are always able to attract the most extensive group attention. However, such an architecture limits the scalability of the topic and the self-organization of the crowd. From this point of view, the BBS forum can be attributed to the "mass community", while the group structure is biased towards the needs of minority communities, and a small number of people need small groups of exchanges. The same post, also expect others to respond, but the demand is different, the group in the post, hope is not the maximum range of the population response, but "32 friends would resonate, single group development, will gradually to the development of the forum. Therefore, even if the focus of the structure to do the best watercress, according to statistics, its hot group also accounted for only 1% of all groups less than, but the number of topics and visits accounted for more than 60%. So even with the long tail, the tail is still smaller than the body and head.

in community development history, the real sense of the success of the group is only one – Baidu Post Bar. When Baidu Post Bar rapid development, many sites have to follow, in function and user experience than Baidu Post Bar, but even if it is due to the fact that Sohu have not really formed and Post Bar explosive growth. The reason is simple, Baidu Post Bar’s success does not lie in the product structure itself, but that it is not an independent community products, it is closely related to Baidu’s powerful search and guidance. Because of the huge search import, the Internet’s biggest application has become the biggest core power for it to succeed. Whether or BBS and other community, Post Bar user cost is very low, you don’t need to remember the name of the section, do not need to remember the owner and the inside of the topic, you can enter the search at any time. In fact, for Baidu Post Bar itself, the heat must be matched and search heat, so it is the long tail of the long tail effect comes from the search, not from the long tail of the product itself in the community.

itself because a group of product architecture, in addition to the characteristics of a user created, not particularly large difference itself and BBS, because it also posted new posts, on such traditional mechanisms of the forum, the same.