do non mainstream picture material station for 5 months,.126 pictures sharing day, IP close to 3000.PV23000.PR4., summed up some of the non mainstream picture material station experience to share with you.

1, pay attention to the quality of picture material. Make a picture station. The most important thing is to rely on high quality pictures to attract users to stay on the website. It allows users to find pictures in need will have some impression on our website. Every day I will visit many forums. The website material pictures. Good quality good pictures stored in my computer. Now the computer has 4G non mainstream picture material. And the category. This is usually the accumulation. Only users need. Can find good pictures published on the website.

2, built in the QQ group. I built a QQ group. And on the website to write "join the QQ group administrator personally find map" for your words. This is very helpful. Now most of the users are very lazy. Can not find the resources you want to rely on the help of others. They will be added to the group. I want to help find a map. Then I will put the figure they want to immediately posted to the website. They have to go to the website to download a website. Impression and user experience. They will find a map. The 126 photo sharing will find me. It will become their habit of.

3, learn to look for resources and make good use of.QQ space small secretary believe we are not unfamiliar. Each brush space popular use. There are many QQ users also don’t know. I have posted on the site. Just write an article on the 126 photo sharing log in the space station. The free space to take 1 a week of popularity. Finally add my QQ friends. I write a log to brush popularity. And I use them to others when the message is left as recommended 126 pictures to share similar words. Every day can bring a lot of traffic.

4 user experience. New words, don’t put too much advertising. Pay more attention to the user friendly. Don’t put the window. Look at the dimensions of website click focus. The ads targeted on there. Other places do not put.126 photo sharing station only put a TOP of course. I have another advertisement. A few stand support. So put less.

5, picture material don’t add a watermark in it. Others want 2 processing. Do unto others. Everyone knows that the picture material network.

.126 photo sharing slogan is clean

6, I have not used other blogs. I only know 163 circle circle. Traffic is very high. But there are not the main circle made the website. I’m in a traffic circle 4000 discussion zone has a fixed post. In exchange for a month to think about the ring main QQ member. 8 yuan per month. In a similar Forum Forum advertising. Be a bargain. But more difficult to find.

7, about friendship connection. Suggest more and BBS do connection. BBS Baidu update diligent and original more. For your own web site is helpful!