1: get up at 7:30 in the morning, wash in 10 minutes, " in 20 minutes, make ", eat breakfast, and start a full day’s work.

two: sit on the TV at 8, watch the news. Usually watch CCTV or Phoenix Palace news. In addition to their hobby news, more important to have our own work, look at what news is there are opportunities to be found, such as some special words, according to their analysis can register a domain name or later can develop a website to.

three: 9. Summarize the harvest from the news, input personal " special file " when applicable, can find it on time and accurately.

four: update the content on the website at 9:30. Yes, some of the new content can be changed, try to change.

five: take a break at 12 (listen to music or watch entertainment news, etc.) and prepare lunch.

six: have a nap after lunch, first. Because of the habit, so the time is probably about an hour or so.

seven: at 2:30, continue to update and maintain the website. Including the well-known webmaster network (such as: Admin5) browse relevant information, view webmaster news and so on.

eight: 6, and friends out of sports: go out for a walk or play, play, etc..

nine: in the evening, if you have some activities, you can go out with your friends. If you have nothing to do, talk to your family.

ten: 10 on the website. Then sum up what you did today and what you got. And then go to bed.

stationmaster very hard, stationmaster very helpless, stationmaster is very crazy. But don’t forget, we can still " normal " life, don’t think of the webmaster as staying up late at night, sleeping during the day is like a pig; " incense ". Of course, you can live a life that suits you. Guan Jian is with you, but don’t forget your body.

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