ShopEx; V4.8.1 store system official version last week has a comprehensive on-line, this version of the original 4.8 version of many functions were further optimized, the new version is not only the technical level of the upgrade is more perfect and humanized concept to enhance the application level; the maximum extent to meet the needs of different users; to help small and medium enterprises to quickly build their own B2C platform.

      the three function module optimization is of great significance to the network, these three functions to help effective to shorten the work time and optimize the website function, expand market share.

first introduced "non bank card payment", locking larger consumer groups

    I believe that many independent shop businesses have encountered because of the cumbersome bank card payment process leads to the abandonment of the order, how to save the payment of "dead", over the years have failed to solve this problem. ShopEx in order to help network operators to expand the audience, especially in the new version of the introduction of the "non bank card payment" characteristic payment model, and "I paid" payment platform, opened a new era of online shopping. "I paid" by Shanghai Zhang Jie Information Technology Co. Ltd. launched the third party payment service, business focused on providing a variety of prepaid card users and merchants (Lianhua OK card, card, mobile phone cards to win points etc.) online and offline full range of payment services, combined with the traditional payment and electronic technology the advantage for users and businesses to bring a new experience in the electronic commerce application process. Independent shop enabled this new way of payment, virtually on the lap got a big fat, expanding the user base.

efficient upload and release of goods, CSV batch upload features update

      the new version of the CSV function to achieve a powerful uploaded directly in the Excel product information, and implement the Excel management of goods information and inventory; CSV intelligent error function, can be more accurate to prompt the user to a row of a wrong, convenient for users to correct errors the new version of the CSV; also can be written directly to the different types and different classification of goods, including "shelves" and other parameters can be controlled in CSV, realize the overall management of multiple types and classification of goods.

multi keyword combination search, help to improve the order conversion

 :     when customers need to search for a particular item in thousands of goods in a shop, there are always a lot of search results. How to do accurate search is always a headache for many network operators, ShopEx 4.8.1 for this kind of situation in the search function to make a major adjustment, the key of "combination of search, the search results will be more search keywords are highlighted to prompt the user current >