Zhu had a professor at the Tongji University in Shanghai for many years overseas experience, for "pornographic" set off such a great disturbance that cannot read "in the China earth:" life in the West for many years, everyone took this photo, only the stars benefit it enlarged…… It’s not surprising that Hongkong is influenced by British culture. Logically speaking, the concept of Chinese already open, why is so strong?"

this strong reaction, in fact, is mainly a moral outrage: these "five people, six" stars, how can attitude towards life "abnormal"?

in answer to "if you have seen the photos, look after the first reaction is", select "obscene, shocking" and "subversion of my idol image, angry people, add up to a total of up to 46.8%. And choose "although indecent, but this is their personal pleasure", only 31.76%.

Shao Jian, associate professor at the Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, is "pornographic in a moral to moral, the law is law" article: "take those pictures of stars after all is a moral problem, not a legal problem. But unlike the publisher, his actions have crossed moral bounds and required the law to face them. So, where is the line between morality and law? If a person’s words and deeds do not infringe on others, what he says or does is his own business. It has nothing to do with others, nor is it related to the law. If a person’s actions involve others, he should pay attention to whether or not his actions are offensive to others. If an invasion occurs, there may be legal problems. Therefore, the "power circle" as a person’s right limit, formed by its moral and legal world, depends on whether it infringes other people.

"taking pictures is a personal act, and how to shoot is a right, even if it is indecent.". Their actions have no way of infringing upon others, so pornographic photographs are irrelevant to the law if they have nothing to do with others." Shao Jian says.

, but not everyone can accept these claims. For example, Shao Jian mentioned that one of his lawyer friends believed that, from the point of view of privacy protection, uploading photos as "pornographic photos" culprit, there is nothing wrong. The pornographic protagonist as a victim, right in this sense. But if people follow a train of thought, legal requirements of "bad man" (referring to pornographic star in the asylum and to pursue much), those bad people will be made public (refers to publish photos) the criminal liability, legal justice is the inherent strengthened or weakened the?

according to the lawyer’s opinion, the law should not be "sheltered" for "bad deeds".

lawyer Xiao Han, for the "pornographic door" of the legal relationship and moral relations, made the following definition:

, as a source of communication, disseminates photos of people, has legal responsibility for Edison Chan and some women artists, and may also involve criminal laws for the dissemination of pornographic material