"I like it." it’s a network name of one of my colleagues. In his resume, "I like it" is everywhere. I like the Internet because there are so many bubbles on the internet. I like SEO and so on.

that "you love it, love others in the following article, leave the address, which led a connection, led a spider (or leave a lot of stationmaster net), business (Alibaba). Did it work? A lot of them didn’t work at all. But you still enjoy doing it, because you like it.

what station name. Sometimes people like to visit the place where they have been, in order to remember that they have been to this place.

to see the Three Kingdoms, three kingdoms. The two armies received, regardless of the enemy or friendly to each other, always report your name. The Internet is also a battlefield against each other, do not stick out your web site, will also be found accidentally, because you will always be searched, the Internet is so simple search,

most Chinese like to "steal" what others do well, where there are many good things, and there are many people there. In fact, this phenomenon can not be avoided, 07 years of www.9ask.cn plagiarism event, just in the eve of the revision of the website. The atmosphere was really tense. At that time, the station was very low-key, and few locals knew the site. But it wasn’t stolen, and from then on I knew the speed of Internet replication was so crazy.

, whether you like it or not, post your web address inside the webmaster circle. Being copied, this can not be avoided. It’s just a question of effectiveness.

mature webmaster, not a person in combat, he knows how to lead a group of people to do stand, because he is CEO.

mature webmaster, will not share his experience to you, because he is in business, because he is "treacherous"

mature webmaster, will not go aimlessly to leave their web site.

in the webmaster circle to leave your web site, you like. Because you are not successful, yet immature. I don’t know what I’m doing yet. Please think about what you want to leave on the internet. And then say, "I like it!"".

clumsy writing, please forgive me.