Wuhan brand website construction report: high ROI website is made like this:

improve a website ROI method has more than 1000 kinds, most main is to proceed from the site itself, the website is a platform for visitors to directly face, the professional or not, and not affecting the practical maximum visitors purchase behavior.

1. Website construction

A, a high level website,

what is a high level website? High level is equivalent to low level. We should first see what low-level websites look like:

1. site opens, the speed is not generally slow.

2. different browsers look like a deformed diamond.

3. website opens, the picture that flutters all over the sky, just like the withered leaves in the autumn wind.

4. brightly coloured color, just don’t want you to see the content you want to see.

5. sees a particularly useful piece of information on the site, and is preparing to copy it out of the box. The site is prompted to "copyright", "no copying"".

6. want to see a picture of a product, I can’t see it clearly.

7. wants to leave a message to the website, publish his opinion, but can not find contact way all the time.

8. registered members, finally put a page of data is completed, it prompts the user name already exists "submitted, to return the page, all the information to fill in.

above is a common problem for many websites. One by one, the website will be transformed into a high level website.

B, a novel website designed for

mainly refers to the layout of the web site layout, break the normal procedure, color, according to the actual needs of customers to design out of the ordinary site, so that visitors can easily be your site identified, can be moved by this novel design, with a carefree mood to go through every corner of the site, when you see their favorite when the goods, directly into the shopping cart

of course it may be an ideal state, probably because visitors do not look at a beautiful website to the consumer, but also need to consider more safety, price, logistics and other factors, each factor will affect visitors whether to buy, so the website only in every way under foot can really win the heart of visitors.

two. Targeted and accurate promotion tools

now do anything about a word, that is "accurate", accurate positioning of their website, accurate promotion, marketing, how many website promotion methods, but it is not suitable for their own website, we should combine their own website target groups to choose more suitable, accurate, popularization and transformation the high rate of marketing method.

target group for a web site >