now Beijing website construction, this industry’s market is particularly chaotic, in many classified information online, a search website construction, you can see too many service providers. However, after the opening, each company’s offer is inconsistent. Some on the million, and some as long as several thousand dollars, or even hundreds of yuan. Why such a big price difference? Do cost network company really lying to us? The answer is no, why is it that some companies offer is so low? It is just like the Taobao shop? I want to earn credibility in? Should not the reason. So why is this market so confusing,


I guess that’s just a couple of reasons:

1. designers fudge customers

designers don’t work hard for customer " design " the web site, these small companies, in order to save money, hire some of the newly graduated students to design web pages. Similarly, how can a graduating student compare with a qualified designer?. They have no professional knowledge and rich experience. Is the same with a knife, then why the doctor and the butcher’s wage is not the same? There is a situation, there are many site construction company, just spend half a day to find some of the same template, change pictures, phone, will give customers a. Is that they do the website is cheap, is a few hundred dollars, you can find the same day after the industry Web site and your site similar, you will find that they be? They design? It is not obvious in the flicker of our


2. web site developers are fooling customers

same reason, that web site programmer how to fool customers? They use the same site backstage template, just change the required function in the background, it becomes the backstage of customer website. Is there a guarantee for such a background? Does the site run without problems? It’s not garbled. Isn’t it a virus? It’s not known.

3. domain name providers are fooling customers

now sells a lot of domain name space, the lowest price. Yes, their prices are low, but my dear customers, have you ever wondered why their prices are so low, I think it will make sense. There is no white pie in the world. You will reap equal returns only if you pay the same proportion. Everything in the world is fair. This domain name space stability and speed must not be guaranteed.

4. website company boss in Huyou customer

what a year of free maintenance, so low price to make a website, but also spending money required to buy the domain name space, and one year of free maintenance, do you believe? Some website companies rarely help customers maintenance of website, or even whether the client’s website. The website such as maintenance problems, they refuse such Internet companies can go far? They do not over time in this industry, we find that the website who maintain the