can be said now do stand still before the station, between the webmaster contend is always IP for your website how IP, my site number IP, to establish their own brand is negligence, it is to establish its own brand, is the number of large and medium-sized Bao Yueguang to favor taking even small the monthly advertiser, the website has a certain influence, advertisers will be completely broke through the psychological line of defense, is also IP, there is a serious quality problem, I put the IP into the following categories, a) almost every day on the website b) occasionally on this site, because there are things he needs C) so this website a few days. D) through search engines, friends and so on first contact this website E) into the f site in disorderly fashion) false IP, now many webmaster stay in the D phase, the site of 80% of traffic from search engines, and many IP are everywhere through their own advertising, send a link to. So this is also the personal Adsense monthly advertising price is generally relatively low reasons.

individuals do station selection range should not be too large,

personal station and commercial station there is a big difference, only one person, you must make full use of their own advantages, avoid their disadvantages, some personal webmaster do a large site, so he is very proud, known to create a Alibaba, known as beyond Sina, it is not realistic. What is the kingly way, if your website can solve a specific problem in people’s life, then your website is successful, such as a school of their own forum, this is the advantage of any commercial sites is not good business, a school of their own alumni forum, go to the business, a certain you will succeed, or the community forum, a little small, basically in the thousands of households, if can through the district forum, the district people dragged in, Then there’s a commercial output absolutely enough to support you, look at the most typical Chinese website hao123, the biggest feature is suitable for the individual operators, daily audit new website, the work is very relaxed, hao123 has made its own brand, if hao123 or personal station, I think the webmaster manage now it will be very easy. The key is brand training.

personal blogs need to be carefully managed to produce value

blog make money this concept some time ago speculation is a concept that is fire, it does have a lot of money but blog, blog is a personal blog media, want to make money, we must rely on the long run, a money making blog is not necessarily a successful blog, blog to real personal branding. For example, my personal blog "Dai Renguang blog" is a story about the webmaster blog, here to explain my blog name, a lot of people think that "Dai Renguang webmaster blog", is actually more accurate understanding of Dai Renguang about the webmaster blog, which is a combination of my own to do stand webmaster about life my blog, "