until now, there are victims of Xiang Ming of stationmaster network to data, so far, the webmaster to Ming network high hopes, hopes to raise from the dead Ming network can continue to provide data for everyone.

Maybe this

as a webmaster of a special group, a group dominated by post, in the play are so naive and when problems arise, most probably it did not actually happen, always think they are so good, completely forgot to face reality, perhaps, this is the Internet Chinese.

webmaster said, China website, N% website is a personal website, by personal production and management, always thought that website can realize the dream, but the webmaster, you think your idea is not realistic, their future is built on the network, it is a pity the. Why? Let’s think it over. Let’s talk about the last two things.

is famous in the outdated "not handsome" to stop his business domain, a lot of people no renewals. And now Guangxi Ming network is ridiculous, in this case of the Ming network, the victim when several webmaster, hope the victim can learn a lesson, face reality, don’t think of those data.

has a normal IQ and logic, will not fall two times in the same place, and that the net was in just half a month, off the net two times, even more ridiculous is that when the Ming network know "net Telecom arrears payment" (this is when the Ming Network unilaterally. Is it, therefore with double quotes), for the first time in the network, is still not a backup of the data on the server, but also did not want to move out to the server. It was there waiting for a second break, and then announcing the abandonment of the IDC business to push his customers into the abyss.

Internet is like this, there is no responsibility, it is not any responsibility. As IDC can do this to the webmaster irresponsible, as a webmaster, some webmaster is not responsible for Internet users, a means to traffic for revenue, horse, registered mobile phone fraud. As a blend in a network technician for these years, some young cynic in the end there is no real, like 01-04 as a piece of blue sky now Internet


such a blue sky it is difficult to find, once the old abandoned network, transfer of traditional industries, the rest is the latest in, in order to flow, in order to income at all means, soft, horse, pop etc.. For that 1 yuan domain name can sell dignity, "LZ has JJ, I MJJ" T floor.

as the saying goes, a man to do in advance, the webmaster, where is your dignity? Where is your responsibility? Chinese up internet personal webmaster, his future on the basis of network owners, in fact, your future is not set up in the station, your future is not a dream, the premise is to do. Beforehand, please show the right attitude for your future, your network, your site. Everything is in your hands, >