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professional analysis of the form of domestic entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs better suggestions. Also on January at the age of 83, the famous economist, the CPPCC National Committee, professor emeritus professor of Peking University, Guanghua School of Management, Li Yining, standing on the podium to win applause. In October 24th, the second session of the high-level seminar on the development of industrial and commercial administration innovation, Li Yining brought his sparkling discourse, on the analysis of current situation of economic and social development.

" Washington Post ", let Li Yining remember. "The argument is that the United States’ fear ‘China is not because of GDP, but’ coffee shop’." He quoted the report said, there are many coffee shops in Zhongguancun, sitting inside the famous university graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, young teachers, and young private entrepreneurs, they are talking about the transfer of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and patent application.

"administration, personnel organization positions are non productive jobs, bluntly said that the concept of residence before 1930s." Li Yining reminded that the production efficiency is not only the input and output ratio, but also includes the efficiency of resource allocation, personnel work is committed to optimizing the allocation of human resources, improve the efficiency of the obvious role". read more

now we not only require individuals or small shops need to call the atmosphere, in the name of the enterprise, this atmosphere is more need to show. In summary, the commercial name must be imbued with supreme heroism so that they can see, the name of more successful business.

enterprises to consumers to leave the first impression is very important, business name is often the first gift given to consumers. In order to send a gift, a business name must have their sound, with the impact, imbued with supreme heroism, so the public and consumers feel the enterprise has a bright future and great strength, can be closer to the product. read more

is a hot project in the market competition is particularly fierce, such as in the food franchise market, snack stores is blossom everywhere, the catering industry is called the forever even if the sunrise industry, but in the face of so many restaurants, as can be imagined in competition, for investors, how business is a a key problem.

has a reader dish to a snack bar, as follows: the shop in the city street bifurcated Street shop, forty or fifty square meters, the kitchen in the back, six train seated more than and 10 people dining at the same table can be. read more

we Chinese mainly to eat rice and pasta, pasta status in the hearts of people is very high, often can see a lot of noodle, people will face all kinds of problems in operating the pasta franchise, including pasta stores how to scientific management of the problem that all our franchisees have a headache, you want to do their pasta stores is not easy, then we take a look at it.

pasta franchise how to operate? To regularly consult with an open mind, because the most frequent clear problem: as the saying goes, the operator usually regulars and A bystander is always clear-minded., chat, ask questions, ask their opinions and recommendations of the store of food quality and service, and reputation situation pasta stores, according to the regular proposed some ideas, suggestions, take prompt measures to improve. read more

no matter how good the store, and then good products, but if the product is not displayed in place, for these products is undoubtedly a huge loss, the entire store business will be greatly affected. Therefore, you want to open a good snack franchise, but also need to do a good job related product display. So, how to do a good job in the work of snack food store display?

snack industry is developing rapidly, opening a snack franchise stores can bring huge profits return. With the development of the market, competition will be more intense, want to do leisure food sales, in addition to ensure the store type of product quality can meet the demands of consumers outside the shop, a good shopping environment, the display of products, also are the factors influencing the store sales. So, how to do snacks store display products? Let’s take a look at it. read more

sell mop can make money, this is not surprising, after all, the sale of products to earn a part of the profits is also a simple thing. However, the sale of the mop can achieve rich, which can make a lot of people shocked. So, how to sell the rich? Let’s get to know each other.

sell mop so small business, how to earn thirty thousand?

but they did.

the more than and 30 year old couple is very modest. But a surprise, now has three houses, and is ready to join a hot pot shop. From their eyes and tone, a little can not see them so successful, because they only junior high school culture, and simple people moved. This kind of purple mop head, yellow pole mop is how to let them make a big fortune? Please let me open the secret. read more

wake up in the morning the first thing is not to drink a glass of water is not looking for clothes, but to find a cell phone, mobile phone has become indispensable in people’s daily lives. This is especially true for young people today, if the phone is out of power can be said to be a great news.

you open the screen, connect the charger, and open your nervous system. When you are asleep, you receive some new messages, a bank’s tips, and dozens of Twitter notifications. Too much content, you can not deal with it now, so you lock your phone first, stay later to deal with. read more

What are the business skills of

‘s own business operators? Many novice in the early days of eating a lot of losses, because they do not understand the rules of entrepreneurship. In fact, you can learn a lot of knowledge in this area, collect relevant information, get a lot of inspiration in practice, Xiao Bian share a few points, I hope to help you.

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how to join the tea shop? Many friends are thinking about this problem, and now the market demand for tea is still very fire, so we have the intention to open tea shop. How to join the tea shop? Do you have some attention to achieve? Let’s take a look.

1. choose more than 5 years of successful operation of the chain brand

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