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currently has 5 sites, all are using the dedecms system as the basis for the establishment of this program, the advantage of needless to say, only once in the maintenance of the website when the site was hung black chain, or jump to other domain names and other phenomena I was very upset, but fortunately later resolved here, just use the dedecms system by.

website webmaster analyze the following reasons and horse hung black chain

1 in the site, because the webmaster careless, did not change the dedecms default path, such as dedecms default background path is web site /dede/login.php. This path is easy for some hackers to find login address, so as to decrypt and attack, steal database information. So be sure to change the default path to the background and change the Dede to a different way. So as to ensure the security of the background, and avoid the code through the background, so as to hang a Trojan horse. read more

at the beginning of 09 years, the whole world was insecure in the financial crisis in the smoke. How do you turn yourself into a dark horse at this time?

In fact,

, website is not a day for two days, according to the recently popular online heard a word, I will describe these people engaged in the network, eat worse than pig, sleep later than the dog, dry than cattle, up earlier than the chicken ", describe it, tears. After I do stand, take it out and share it with everyone. First of all, after paying a large amount of server fees, I registered a good domain name: """. Saying this domain is indeed not renewable resources, the more expensive the number is short, when you choose a myriad of the domain name you want, but again that it has been registered, it is with deep hatred and resentment. Naturally, this domain name also cost me a lot of hard-earned money. However, to harvest the natural, we must first understand the investment. After doing the preliminary work, I began to rack my brains about what websites should I do, novels, games, movies or chat rooms?! read more

as the saying goes, "name is not regular, words are not smooth, words are not good, things are not good", which fully illustrates the importance of fame. For websites to be sustainable, good site names play an irreplaceable role. How to give your website to get a good name, is the site to the sustained and healthy development of the universal navigation nets SEO expert based on careful study of a large number of successful websites that have common features, including three aspects:

1, read more

webmaster hears "hacker" two words, all have a kind of hatred of eyes, in fact, we have become accustomed to, and simply unable to explain the "hacker" two words of the initial meaning. Although we have adhered to 5 years, not only to see the popularity of hacker technology, but hackers notorious. Are we wrong? See, now, hackers stand one by one transformation, why is it? Every day to get the headlines are all so and so "hacker" invasion, what company stole this one. I really want to say, those people are hackers, trouble coal, do not take "hacker" two words "show", OK? read more

the past two years, similar news may be less, the previous two years, the rich two generations of dad’s endless news. We get these grass root who can only afford to look yourself without a good father! Especially the center inside the circle of people, most of them are some grassroots webmaster, poor grass root. Of course, I’m one of them, too. My family is from the countryside. So, in this era, if you have a good father, don’t complain, remember, this is a fight resource in

! read more

has recently been busy doing their websites today, finally on the line, although the website was not too happy, but you really carefully, pay, but also deeply felt hard to do a website, how hard it is.

and many webmaster friends encountered the same problem, the most difficult is site positioning problem. For a long time, I was thinking about the location of the website. I felt that I could think of someone else who had done it, and I was mature. As others say, it is the most painful when one has the confidence and ability to do things without knowing what to do. At that time I was in charge of the company project just finished, not too busy to go to work. Often have colleagues and friends asked the computer, programming, software use, there are computer poisoning problem, time I usually help, but are try to solve this machine method in their own practice, and with the written illustrated word document, and then send them some, of course something must refer to the network, for a period of time to write down, light to solve the problem of word document has a few, many of my friends asked me to open blog, let me write this article, I suddenly thought, why not do such a site, specializing in computer knowledge and computer skills.? website positioning clear, do a computer using skills, computer knowledge website, own a network called Qiqiao, begging for ingenuity, the name of the source of self Chinese traditional folk festivals, the 77 Festival, (this should not be a tort?) read more

#p# subtitle #e#, we have to admit that the complexity of modern network marketing means that every site operator is confused. In particular, this basic question: how can your website spread wildly? That’s why we need to look at it in a traditional marketing perspective. Philip · Kotler put forward a few confusion, marketing manager of the problem, there is a very basic one: advertising costs are getting higher and higher, but the effect is less obvious. This is a traditional brand marketing problems, the same back to our website, out of the money to do the bidding advertising, bought Ali mother, what effect? How much oil and water read more


website re optimize the keyword, the website can be updated to February 5th, today suddenly found the home page disappeared, remove the site directly in the Baidu search page snapshot back to January 8th. Think again and again. The expert pointing out that:

Baidu snapshot back the biggest reason is you trigger Baidu to SEO punish the bottom line, that is to say, the search engine that you over optimized site, so the punishment, so it back to you before the snapshot time optimization. So your optimization will have no effect. Because in search, you still stand before the content of the optimization. read more

with intelligent station system mature, let these individual owners and the establishment of the lower threshold, especially for the local forum, more and more people to participate in the competition in the market, but many people are not able to grasp well the operating methods of the forum, more owners also stay in flow station thinking, so do cause local forum several misunderstandings, here we have to introduce some common errors in


one: the forum community is not very good communication read more

in recent months while doing their own projects, while in a local place with the visibility of some local stations ( engaged in the promotion, so far in the work for almost three months, which is composed of a team of more than 20 people, only divided into the marketing department and the technical department, in addition to a financial department, a very simple structure of the company technical department. I do not know, in my own department in the market these days, think the site’s strength and reputation is good, but the important thing is the team of people, I work in the past three months, have walked four, now one in the company for three years customer service today also handed a letter of resignation, I think this is what reason? What’s the problem? The beginning of my work I found the team. The team does have some problems, first of all, the team communication problem is the biggest problem, not to mention cohesion, read more