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8. on layout

6. do 404 friendly page

2. in the content of reasonable distribution of keywords


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Reasonable layout of the Shanghai dragon!

11. of chain construction


3. page read more

5, another cause of the page ranking than home ranking, probably because the corresponding page keyword density is too high. But now the general site has special maintenance, seldom have this phenomenon. And this ranking is not the normal situation, may be the search engine to make adjustments, not normal.

summed up the following reasons, to discuss:


from 9.21 to begin a comprehensive revision, the revision did not pay attention to detail, and the corresponding art in the website with strong and later in the CSS reset the strong attribute, 2 months after toxace was found, which leads to the site was completely right down. After an emergency recovery and a large number of high-quality original site in the station, began to slowly recover. read more


if the site is local, not with the words of the regional, not only to attract traffic, is not conducive to improve the site’s conversion rate. For example, the website provides host leasing, sales and other services, if the "host" as keyword optimization, not only the intensity of competition, but it is difficult to make up the ranking website. On the contrary, if the broad keywords with regional words, such as Sichuan, Shenzhen, Hongkong, the host host host, the host, the service content of this web site will be more clear, convenient for users to find, and relatively lower intensity of competition. read more

        contact the webmaster work soon, overall, I still is a very new new webmaster. I run a website at the beginning of iron and steel, what do not have the experience, the teacher only love Shanghai and Google, so it is hard to. This paper mainly describes our website escape love Shanghai sandbox and a little experience, hope all the friends and share and exchange.
(1) original content quality; original content is a web site of the soul, is the only original content, the website can be really valuable. On the site behind, there has to be one or two writers to do original. In a "sandbox period", we insist on 10 pieces of original content website. Do not underestimate the 10 original content, it is through these pull to the actual traffic, and we see from the content of the site in Shanghai is also very love love reptiles these contents will come to climb every day. read more

two, Shanghai dragon optimization is not excessive. When you want to learn the knowledge application to your site, there is no thought, what is the result of doing so, the thought of optimization over what is the consequences of not. These factors, you have to be taken into account, not blindly take off. The development of the website is a sequential see into the process of the development of Shanghai dragon method only can make your site in good health. It is not accelerator, overnight to achieve the effect you want. read more

in the optimization of the web site optimization excessive, will be punished, the use of black hat means will be punished, the website will not appear to be related punishment, the punishment is also slightly serious, so each Shanghai Dragon Staff in the website optimization is careful. Here the author introduces several search engines, the degree of punishment.

Be punished often

heavy punishment is very serious situation, the main reason is that due to serious violation of the prohibition of the use of search engine to optimize the site, such as the use of serious black hat means, hang black chain, using the group chain software, web site recognition. Severe punishment once will delete the home page, included dropped substantially even 0, keywords ranking disappeared. If the punishment of severe punishment is not immediately check and restore it can lead to the occurrence of direct K station, even if do want is a long time to recover. read more

L Jun duplicate pages on this issue, namely: the repeat page is how to produce, how to track and analyze its value? I think the problem is very typical and easy to neglect, I began to take this opportunity to sort out ideas and the enlightenment, only this article here, special thanks to the initiative to share L Jun. In fact, Mr L is not hard to solve, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform and traffic statistics system.

on 2

The focus of attention in the Included

by mining source keywords traffic statistics of Shanghai search and love hot list, you can find the clues of the hot news content and the depth of love, Shanghai Webmaster Platform "flow and keyword search trends on the real-time response degree is not high, then do not extend. read more

Many people believe that

of course, this is just a method for me, an idea, in the middle of the operation to take hold of you, I believe will help you. Determine your keywords related to the subsequent development of the website of the event, not sloppy, only more accurate data can help you. Of course, my method may be just one aspect, you may have a better way, hope that we can.


is now generally select keywords or through love Shanghai index, but with the owners of the increase, bad competition, love Shanghai index also appears more and more unreal, also make more and more keywords to determine the whirling, become a problem in the webmaster, today to give you some tips to judge Shanghai index true love the hope will be helpful to the Webmaster: read more


love Shanghai official given against deliberate manipulation including but not limited to the following example:

love Shanghai in the letter announcement, has stressed the webmaster concentrate on the web content, more user experience, to better serve users, and now many owners just for ranking and to a website, finally, I suggest have the order reversed, as long as perseverance to provide users with high quality content and before making any decision, if want to know this.

has no significance on read more

peers such as the enemy, this sentence I believe in an industry which is not wrong, website optimization this line is even more so. Shanghai love home leaving only ten positions, while our competitive rivals have thousands, as can be imagined how fierce competition. Of course, we all want to win, then this optimization battle to win the core of what is it? The answer is a comprehensive study of the web site. It also teaches us that we are victorious, so you must have the optimization study of peer website and technology, here I come to according to their own experience and we simply share insights. read more