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once once to do the first for keywords ranking fad then form a list of keywords, write some 300 word blog can get traffic to bring customers, this time is different.

Study on the data of

HubSopt shows the search engine CTR B2B’s 2.55% average.

and Advanced WebRanking research data show that the first natural search ranking results for CTR 29.87%

is looking for new opportunities to market competitors will ask, where is the remaining 67.38%, the 67.58% is that we can change the perspective to fully optimize the rather than just staring at your site to get the. So, here I want to introduce the distribution of SERP, B2B by this method through keywords itself better value to get more market share. read more

a lot of people can not immediately be included in search engines, to the site have included, we can not wait to search engine included most of the content of the website, and other content included almost hate not immediately put your search engine rankings put into their home, actually this kind of anxious mentality for many webmaster, but the result is often the emperor not nasty eunuch nasty love Shanghai how included or included, how to improve your website ranking or how to improve, with your anxious mind in stark contrast, in fact, as long as we change an idea to the operation of the site, you will feel very often it is easy, Mozhun search engine temper do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, I believe you will be able to read more