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first_imgFrench bakers or ’boulangers’ number around 33,000 in France, says Jean-Pierre Crouzet, president of UIB, the French craft bakers and confectioners association. This does not mirror the decline seen in some other countries, but is still fewer than a decade ago.However, given current economic problems the French body has leapt into action. “We have initiated a programme to go into all the schools; kids just love baking and want to know how things are made,” says Crouzet.French craft breads are certainly one of the delights of visiting France, but how is the recession hitting bakers? “The main problem is the average basket is smaller,” says Crouzet. “We have 15 million consumers a day and they are spending a few cents less; that adds up to a lot per day and makes a difference to cash flow for individual bakers.”But in other ways, boulangers are flourishing. So how exactly is the association proactive for its members? “We are always lobbying,” explains Crouzet. “Every business belongs to a chamber of commerce. There are several chambers in a region and they listen to us.”It is their job to represent commerce and the livelihoods of members to government; we make sure the bakers’ voice is clearly heard. We are a vital part of the business community and we make that known and heard.”It is certainly a different set-up to the UK. Indeed, French boulangers took to the streets a few years ago to protest about the retention of standards and their identity in the face of growing supermarkets and frozen dough.When he hears that, in the UK, most of the lobbying takes place through the British Retail Consortium, whose primary activity is for supermarkets, Crouzet says: “The supermarkets [in France] have no special concessions.You need special planning permission for anything over 1,000sq m and councils look at other shops in the area and the impact of a large outlet,” says Crouzet.What about frozen bread? The question is hardly out, before Crouzet responds: “It’s forbidden! No craft baker who calls himself a boulanger can make or sell frozen bread or bread with additives.” He explains that ’Article 121’ permits boulangers to use only wheat, water, salt and natural yeast. “There is a fashion now for cereals, nuts and seeds, so bakers have a set brief on other components.”Bakers are designers,” says Crouzet. “The success of French bakers stems from the starter dough; it needs to be slow in development at least 24 hours, but usually much longer. We really value good bread and remind everyone politicians, the people, the schools of its value.”In the second week in May, we have a Fête du Pain (Festival of Bread) and on 16 May, we plan events in schools, churches, everywhere to celebrate St Honoré, the patron saint of bakers. We heavily involve children and tell them ’all kids are bakers’.”He continues: “Our contribution is also at point-of-sale and on posters. We have produced leaflets for every boulanger, which says: ’You buy me on a daily basis, but do you really know me?’ But as a trade we have had to adapt. Our members’ turnover is 60% bread and 40% pastries, sandwiches, biscuits and chocolates. We are starting to experience the problem of not having enough bakers, so we are particularly targeting girls. In the towns, our bakers open at 6.30am and, in the country, at 7.30am. They also close later, so shoppers can pick up a fresh loaf on the way home.”Lobbying councils and government, setting strict rules for breadmaking, being proactive with publicity, adapting to new products and opening hours this is the evolving face of craft bakery in France and forms an identity and heritage they manage to protect.But it does help to have planners and governments that listen. Protecting the craft In French law, Article 121 states that professionals who are not involved in the kneading, fermenting and shaping of their own dough from chosen raw ingredients or in the baking process for the sale of bread to consumers must not use the term ’baker’. Neither can their commercial premises be called a ’bakery’. Neither may they use any other term or advertising that could be confusing in a retail environment. Products can at no stage of their production or sale be frozen or part-baked.last_img read more

first_imgBakery firms are being encouraged to start planning to protect themselves from a pensions ‘bouncer’.It follows the government announcement that every UK company will have to offer a pension scheme from 2012, meaning that even small firms will have to auto-enrol employees earning more than £7,500, and then make contributions.Mace & Jones head of employment law Martin Edwards said: “Failure to prepare will be like a batsman caught off-guard by an unexpected bouncer. The changes will carry significant costs and firms will need to factor this cost into financial planning. There will also be additional and time-consuming red tape to comply with.”Edwards urged companies to not sweep the pensions reform under the carpet. “All firms need the time to prepare themselves and their employees and put financial planning and HR planning in place,” he said. “It is important to take professional advice.”last_img read more

first_imgHomemade jams and jellies can be a delicious way to extend the summer bounty, but a University of Georgia food preservation expert urges people to follow the rules when canning at home. “Even though sugar has a preservative action in jams and jellies, molds can still grow and spoil these products,” said Elizabeth Andress, a UGA Cooperative Extension specialist. “USDA and UGA Cooperative Extension endorse a boiling water canning process for jams and jellies, which will make the potential for mold spoilage as small as possible.” Use the following steps, Andress says, to preserve food safely at home: Start with boiling water. Before cooking the jam, fill a boiling water canner with enough warm water to cover filled jars one to two inches above the lids. The canner needs to be centered over the stove’s burner and should be level. Add the jars before bringing the water to a boil to sterilize them. Empty jars need to be submerged in boiling water for 10 minutes for sterilization. If no sterilization is needed, heat the water in the canner to 180 degrees, simmering, to process filled jars. Wash pint or half-pint canning jars in hot water with dishwashing detergent or in a dishwasher. Sterilize jars if needed. Sterilized or not, keep jars hot until ready to be filled. Prepare canning jar lids according to manufacturers directions. Cook jam or jelly according to recipe directions. Skim off foam if present. Fill jars. If the jars were pre-sterilized, remove them from the canner when it is time to fill them and tilt them to quickly empty any water inside them into the canner. Fill jars with the hot jelly or jam mixture, leaving a fourth-inch headspace. Wipe the rim of the jar with a clean paper towel and seal the jars with lids. Adjust the ring bands as needed. Work quickly to insure the filled jars stay as hot as possible until they are ready to be loaded into the canner for processing. Load the filled jars, using a jar lifter, into the canner. Keep the jars upright at all times to prevent jelly or jam from spilling into the sealed area of the lid. The canner should be simmering when jars are added, not boiling.Boil filled containers. Turn the burner under the canner to its highest setting and place a lid on the canner. Return the water to a boil. If the jars were sterilized, boil the filled jars for five minutes. If hot, clean jars were used, process for 10 minutes. Keep a lid on the canner while processing to keep water boiling. Turn off the heat once the jars have processed, and remove the canner lid. Wait five minutes before removing jars from the canner. Use a jar lifter to remove the hot jars from the canner. Place the jars on a towel or cake cooling rack. Leave at least one inch of space between the jars during cooling. Cool jars upright for 12 to 24 hours while the vacuum seal is drawn and the jam or jelly sets. When using two-piece metal canning lids, do not tighten ring bands on the lids or push down on the center of the flat metal lid until the jar is completely cooled. Remove ring bands from sealed jars. Label and store in a cool, dry place out of direct light. Follow these UGA and USDA recommendations will help limit the risk of mold growth and spoilage of homemade jams and jellies. “There is some evidence that molds growing on fruit products could produce mycotoxins, or mold poisons,” Andress said. “A few other organisms could also spoil jams and jellies. It is best to take steps to prevent molding and spoilage, and thereby also protecting your investment of fruit, time and money by not having to throw away spoiled jams and jellies.”For more information from the National Center for Home Food Preservation on making jams and jellies, visit www.uga.edu/nchfp/how/can7_jam_jelly.last_img read more

first_imgRentlio is a leading domestic application for automating the management of small hotels, hostels, apartments and rooms. Over 3000 accommodation units in Croatia use Rentlio every day. Apart from Croatia, Rentlio has customers in over 15 foreign countries. From Thailand and Russia, through Denmark, Germany, Spain and Portugal, all the way to Puerto Rico, Brazil and the USA.”We are looking for more Sales Development Representatives who would join our team and become brand ambassadors of our unique application. We are building a killer SaaS sales team composed of young and highly motivated people, full of entrepreneurial spirit and positives who will enjoy this business and make great money. “Marko Mišulić, the owner of Rentlio, points out. As the ad points out, the salary consists of a fixed and a bonus part, and the bonus part depends on the achievement of monthly goals. If you are on a 100% target in a certain month, the salary for that month will be 9.000 kn net. If you achieve 150% of the target, your salary for that month is 11.500 kn net, etc.Interesting? sign up hereCNTB is looking for three Expert Associates for online advertising and websitesThe Croatian National Tourist Board is looking for three Expert Associates for online advertising and websites, who would be in charge of designing, implementing and implementing all online advertising activities. A special focus of the work will be on running campaigns on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube).See more about the conditions and how to apply here   Palace Hotel zagreb is looking for a person in the marketing and sales departmentPALACE HOTEL ZAGREB, located in the city center in an Art Nouveau palace, started operating in 1907 as the first hotel in Zagreb. Today, a member of the WorldHotels chain with its 122 rooms combines the comfort of a modern way of living with the warm retro chic atmosphere created by its stylish furniture and Art Nouveau interior.Palace Hotel Zagreb is looking for new members of the Palace team for the position of Agent in reservations in the Sales and Marketing department (m / f). The business consists of reservations and sales of hotel accommodation and packages via e-mail / telephone, active sales and cooperation with foreign / national agencies and tour operators, as well as corporate partners, receiving and processing reservations, customer support (Customer Care) and achieving optimal occupancy with the realization of the best possible price. See more about the conditions hereBrodosplit is looking for a marketing and public relations managerThe largest Croatian shipyard, Brodosplit, has been undergoing a major transformation into a market leader in highly sophisticated ships and offshore programs since joining the DIV Group, and is looking for a marketing and PR manager to help us along the way. Most of Brodosplit’s customers are large foreign companies of various profiles. The business is a combination of marketing activities in order to find new customers, open new markets and Brodosplit’s perception of various interested publics. See more about the conditions hereSign up, you have nothing to lose, we can only profit. Good luck everyone.last_img read more

first_imgThe ongoing threat of the novel coronavirus now raises questions about the timeline of the Tokyo Olympics, slated for July and August of this year. Indonesia has shown firm support for the games to proceed according to schedule.Indonesia’s National Olympic Committee (NOC) chief Raja Sapta “Okto” Oktohari said on Monday that his party had sent a letter to both Japanese and Chinese NOCs regarding the current situation of the coronavirus outbreak, which had affected both countries. In addition to offering sympathy, Okto said, his organization offered any support that Japan might need to overcome the difficulty of organizing the event amid the outbreak.“We are offering any assistance to and support for our friend Japan, which has been working hard to stage the Tokyo Olympics,” he said on the sidelines of Indonesia’s annual NOC meeting in Jakarta. As of Monday afternoon, Japan recorded 256 cases of the coronavirus and six deaths. The Tokyo Olympics is set to be held from July 24 to Aug. 9.Last week, International Olympic Committee (IOC) senior member Dick Pound said it was not impossible to reschedule the Olympics to next year but wanted athletes who were training for Tokyo to know the IOC was fully committed to having them at the opening ceremonies on July 24, Reuters reported.The World Health Organization has met the 2020 Olympics organizers to advise them on the coronavirus situation, and “no decision has been made to cancel the major sporting event in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak”, CNBC reported.Okto said Indonesia had displayed similar support for the Philippines SEA Games last December, which had been criticized over lack of readiness in organizing the multisport event. “We showed some support while others opted to criticize the organizers during the Philippines SEA Games,” he said.“And the result was positive as we got many services and positive feedback from the host, the Philippines.”Team Indonesia’s Tokyo Olympics chief of mission Rosan Roeslani said the current coronavirus outbreak had caused him to postpone his plan to visit Japan to conduct a survey before the games in Tokyo. The survey was previously scheduled for the third week of March.“Our preparation is still ongoing. We will keep communicating with the IOC,” he said.Earlier, Youth and Sports Minister Zainudin Amali said that his ministry would wait for the IOC or the decisions of other world authorities on the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. He said Indonesia would obey any final recommendation issued regarding the Olympics.This is similar to the minister’s gesture when facing the same crisis with the Philippines Para Games, which were eventually postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak.Topics : Indonesia’s full support of Japan in staging the quadrennial event may also aim to aid the country’s mission to win its bid for the 2032 Olympics.The Indonesian NOC plans to use the Tokyo Games to showcase the country’s readiness to host the Olympics by establishing Rumah Indonesia (House of Indonesia) to promote the country and garner support from other Olympic participants.Rumah Indonesia is projected to cost Rp 200 billion (US$13.8 million). The house will be built in a strategic location inside the athletes’ villages in Tokyo.Indonesia will compete against Brisbane, Australia, and a joint bid by North and South Korea to host the 2032 Olympics.last_img read more

first_imgSpecialist pension insurer Just Group has agreed a £158m (€179.8m) buy-in transaction with the pension fund of pharmaceutical company Wyeth Group, part of Pfizer.The deal covered 1,200 pensioners, according to a statement from Just Group, and marked “a key step in the work of the scheme’s trustees in the long-term aim to de-risk the scheme’s liabilities”.Rob Mechem, head of defined benefit business development at Just Group, said: “This is a well-funded scheme with a trustee board that was fully engaged in the details of every aspect of the process, and was very well prepared in terms of data cleansing and benefit specification.“To ensure they had found the right home for the members’ benefits the trustees were very thorough and even undertook a site visit to review our administration capabilities.” Debbie Berney, trustee of the Wyeth Group Pension and Life Assurance Scheme, added that the deal was “a big step forward in ensuring the scheme is able to meet the full costs of its future pension payments to all members”.Apollo agrees to fund pension scheme to aid takeover bidPrivate equity company Apollo has agreed a funding deal worth more than £50m with the trustees of the RPC Containers Pension Scheme.It follows Apollo’s proposed £3.3bn purchase of RPC, a UK listed packaging company, last month.In a notice to the stock exchange, RPC said Apollo had signed a memorandum of understanding to finance contributions of £5.2m a year for five years and nine months, increasing by 3% annually from April 2020. In addition, the parties had agreed to a £25m contingent assets deal, giving the scheme security over real estate assets. This will reduce to £12m from 2024.In connection with the bid, Apollo has also agreed funding arrangements with two other schemes sponsored by RPC, announced last month.JP Morgan takes stake in DC master trust Defined contribution (DC) master trust provider Smart Pension has secured an investment from US banking giant JP Morgan.The minority equity stake formed part of a new funding round, which has so far raised roughly £50m as Smart Pension seeks to grow its business in the UK and other auto-enrolment markets.As part of the deal, Anne Lester, global head of retirement solutions at JP Morgan Asset Management, will take a non-executive seat on Smart Pension’s board.Lester said: “Smart Pension has demonstrated how financial technology can have a positive impact by making it easier both for people to save for retirement and for companies to offer pension plans to their employees.”UK insurer Legal & General also owns a minority stake in Smart Pension, purchased in 2016. Last year the two providers agreed a partnership to develop a retirement income product.In October, Smart Pension was awarded a mandate to develop a “pensions technology platform” for New Ireland Assurance, while last month it took over Corporate Pensions Trust, a £12.5m master trust run by financial advisory firm Lighthouse Group.Will Wynne, Smart Pension co-founder and managing director, added that the company was in “early stage conversations” with other companies to provide technology to financial institutions as they “grapple with regulatory change and legacy technology”.last_img read more

first_imgWestgate sportsbook director, John Murray, believes Iron Mike Tyson could have an edge over Evander Holyfield when they both file out to fight in the proposed trilogy bout. Loading… Mayweather is a -180 favorite over Pacquiao (+160) in a potential rematch of their 2015 fight that Mayweather won by unanimous decision. “I do think when we get back to normal, one of those fights will happen,” Murray said. “Ultimately, it’s too much money for those guys to turn down. If Mayweather can make $100 million for a fight he thinks he’ll win against Conor, I don’t see why he would turn that down.” Tyson Fury is a -275 favorite over Deontay Wilder (+235) and Canelo Alvarez is a -300 favorite over Gennady Golovkin (+250) in trilogy fights originally scheduled to take place this year. But both bouts are on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic. Top Rank chairman Bob Arum said in early May that a fight the magnitude of Fury-Wilder would require a live audience and Murray agrees. read also:Tyson offers fans chance to train with him ahead of comeback “I find it hard to believe they’d do it in an empty arena. That fight is such a cash cow, they’d be better off waiting until they can do it properly,” Murray said. “(Alvarez-Golovkin) is another cash cow. I can’t believe they would do that one with no fans. That would cost them a lot of money. They could sell out T-Mobile Arena and all the Mexican boxing fans would have a big party. “It’s not just about the gate. These fights generate a lot of money for the city.” —————————————————————————————————- Tolisso open to Man Utd moveCorentin Tolisso is open to the prospect of joining Manchester United. The Bayern Munich midfielder is expected to leave the Allianz Arena at the end of the campaign and has no shortage of admirers. Express Sport understands United are working on a deal for Tolisso, who fancies a crack at playing in the Premier League. While Le10Sport suggest Old Trafford officials have tasked former Paris Saint-Germain sporting director Antero Henrique with taking charge of the transfer for Tolisso. Henrique has supposedly already been in contact with the player and his entourage. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 That quote from the movie “Pulp Fiction” by Marsellus Wallace might be proven wrong by former heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Tyson, who turns 54 on June 30, and Holyfield, 57, each have posted impressive workout videos on social media and expressed a desire to return to the ring for an exhibition match for charity. Will we actually see Tyson-Holyfield 3? You can bet on it at the Westgate sportsbook, which made Tyson a -300 favorite and Holyfield a +250 underdog for a potential fight. “They both look like they’re in awesome shape,” Westgate sportsbook director John Murray said. “As silly as it sounds, people would watch that fight and people would bet on that fight. There would be a lot of interest in it because those guys are such big names. “I don’t think it’s going to happen. But years ago I laughed at (a boxing match between) Floyd (Mayweather) and Conor (McGregor) happening and I obviously got that wrong. So never say never.” Unless you count Iron Mike’s knockout of Zach Galifianakis in the 2009 movie “The Hangover,” Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs) hasn’t fought since 2005. Holyfield (44-10-2, 29 KOs) hasn’t fought since 2011. He won the first two meetings with Tyson — by an 11th-round TKO in 1996 and by disqualification in 1997 after Tyson repeatedly bit his ear. “Some guys think Tyson should be a much bigger favorite, but I really think it should be closer to pick’em,” Murray said. “My guess is if those two actually were to fight each other, you’d see that price close lower than that. “People would take a shot on the underdog. With two guys in their 50s, nobody knows what will happen. But people are more inclined to take (+250) than to lay -300.” The Westgate has several other potential boxing matches on the board, including a rematch between Mayweather and McGregor, who said in January that he’d love to be in the first fight at Allegiant Stadium and was open to a bout with either Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) knocked out McGregor in the 10th round of the UFC star’s boxing debut in 2017 at T-Mobile Arena. Mayweather, 43, is a -800 favorite over McGregor (+550), 31, in a potential rematch. Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KOs), 41, is a -550 favorite over McGregor (+425). Promoted ContentWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?The Network’s Greatest Shows On HBO7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty PennyThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksXi Ding Created Caricature Version Of Marvel CharactersWhy Do So Many Digital Assistants Have Feminine Names & Voices?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearThe 10 Best Female Drivers In Racing Historylast_img read more

first_img* Rivers United through to Round of 32Duro IkhazuagbeThe usual drama associated with FA Cups around the world continued yesterday as 2018 Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) champions, Lobi Stars of Makurdi, was sent out of the Round of 64 stage of the AITEO Federation Cup.Lobi is to represent Nigeria in next season’s CAF Champions League after being declared winners of the 2018 NPFL season with over a dozen matches left to be played. Amateur clubside, Standard FC stopped Lobi from dreaming of a double this season when after a 1-1 result in regulation time, the Kaduna team triumphed 3-2 on penalty shootout.Interestingly, it was Standard that took the lead in the first half before the NPFL champions rallied to even score in the second stanza.The drama of topflight teams crashing did not stop with Lobi. Lagos church team, MFM FC, also exited the competition in shootout.Second-tier Bet9ja Nigeria National League team, Sokoto United defeated Coach Fidelis Ilechukwu and his NPFL campaigners 4-3 in the ensuing penalty kicks after regulation time ended goalless.However, it was not all bad news for NPFL teams as River United who struggled to escape drop to the lower league in the 2017 season crushed a hapless Gusau XI 6-0 to progress to the Round of 32 at the Lafia City Stadium in Nasarawa State capital.Bernard Ovoke was in fine form scoring four times as Rivers United totally annihilated Gusau Eleven.Frederick Obomate and Malachy Ohawume contributed the other two goals for the Rivers State own team.In another game whose second half was concluded yesterday morning, Kwara United defeated Ogun All Stars FC 3-1 to progress to the Round of 32 also.Earlier on Sunday, Shooting Stars Sports Club of Ibadan, Heartland Football Club of Owerri and Bendel Insurance FC of Benin City all crashed out of the competition.Shooting lost to Supreme Court while the Naze Millionaires were caged by Confine FC. Insurance lost to Remo Stars Feeder team.However, Cup holders Akwa United moved into next round of the competition with a comprehensive 7-0 drubbing of amateur club, Hope of Glory in their round of 64 tie.In Port Harcourt, Akwa United showed their form as they completely outclassed Hope of Glory with Aniekeme Asuquo grabbing a hat-trick while the duo of Victor Mbaoma and Ezekiel Bassey scored a brace apiece.Shooting Stars lost 5-4 on penalties to fellow Bet9ja Nigeria National League side, Supreme Court in Benin. The game ended in a 0-0 draw after 90 minutes.Nationwide League one side, Cofine FC created one of the biggest upsets of the round by edging out Heartland 4-2 on penalties after the game finished 1-1 at regulation time.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

first_imgDES MOINES — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is applauding the tentative trade deal reached between the U-S and Japan, calling it a very “welcome development.”  Grassley says, “It arrives at a time when farmers are hurting, in need of new market access opportunities and a chance to compete on a level playing field with agriculture all over the globe.”Strengthening ties with Japan, Grassley says, will help to also strengthen the United States’ position while negotiating with China. While only an overview of the agreement with Japan was released by the White House last weekend, Grassley says what he’s heard so far is very encouraging. Grassley says, “Gaining agricultural market access to the world’s third-largest economy is a big win for President Trump, Iowa farmers and agriculture generally.”It’s possible, according to Grassley, the agreement can be signed without Congressional approval. He calls it “very positive news” and a “significant step” toward securing a comprehensive trade agreement with Japan which he says could benefit all sectors of the U-S economy. ”  Grassley says, “It appears that the Japanese have agreed to provide new access for U.S. dairy, pork, ethanol, beef, wine and wheat in return for the elimination of U.S. tariffs on industrial goods.”The agreement is expected to be signed at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in late September.last_img read more

first_imgFacebook5Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Washington Center for the Performing ArtsThe 4th Annual CENTER Stage Awards & Gala will be held at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday, July 25, 2019. The event is a fundraiser for the Washington Center and an opportunity to celebrate local artists and supporters of the arts. “This year’s gala will have a mid-century modern feel,” says Jill Barnes, Executive Director. “Think Palm Springs or Mad Men season one.”In celebrating local arts, the gala features a selection of local groups who regularly perform at the Center and call the Center “home.” Barnes says, “We have such a depth of arts in our community, and we’re proud to be able to feature local performing artists during the gala. It’s an eye-opening display of how vast the cultural talent is here, and the gala is an opportunity for them to gain new audiences and appreciation.”During the gala, the Excellence in the Arts awards will be given to those whose work, support, and creativity help build a vibrant cultural community. This year’s Achievement in the Arts awards will be awarded to Jill Carter. Jill Carter is a consummate technical set design expert. Her work has appeared on many stages throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the world for over 20 years. “Her sets have transported artists and audiences to new places,” says Barnes. “She has made a successful career as an artist herself, and mentored countless youth and students.”This year’s Commitment to the Arts award will be awarded to R.L. Ray Violin Shop. R.L. Ray Violin Shop has been operating in Olympia since 1999. The artists at R.L. Ray are world-class craftsmen who make, maintain, and repair instruments, and their impact goes far beyond their business. The shop believes strongly in providing philanthropy through scholarships and organizational support. Barnes says, “The generosity of R.L. Ray Violin Shop has made it possible for students to attend music school, summer camps, master classes and more.”In addition to cocktail hour, full dinner, awards ceremony, live auction, and entertainment, this year’s fund-a-need will help raise money for the latest gold-standard audio equipment technology.Tickets are $125 per person through July 5 and are currently on sale at the Washington Center by calling 360-753-8586 during Box Office hours, or online 24-hours a day at www.washingtoncenter.org.last_img read more