first_imgConvicted disbanded Anti Terrorist Unit (ATU) Commander Charles MacArthur Taylor Jr., alias ‘Chucky’, has described his conviction and subsequent imprisonment in the United States as “illegal.”“My conviction is an illegal conviction,” Chucky told Mr. Al Jerome Chede, on his popular online diaspora radio program talkshow, “Issues in the Press, Reloaded,” aired on Saturday, May 31.“Chucky,” who is a natural-born American citizen, was the first to be tried under the United States anti torture law.Research by the Independent Eye News (IEN) shows that under U.S anti-torture law, Subsection 2340A reads in part; “If the offender is a United States citizen, who commits torture outside the United States, or attempts to commit torture, he/she shall be punished by death or imprisoned for any term of years or for life.”In his litany of allegations against the U.S. Justice Department, and in apparent support of his claims, Chucky, who said he prefers no longer to be called by that name, listed false statements, lack of probable cause to arrest and his trial as an American citizen among justice missteps he hopes to expose.He also cited the alleged violation of his civil and constitutional rights, including what he referenced as his due process rights, illegal certification and the Judge’s lack of sentencing authority.He argued that all of these resulted into what he described as his “illegal conviction.” Additionally, he made what is described by legal experts as the most bizarre statement to the effect that the judge and prosecutors conspired against him.“Chucky” further suggested that his trial was influenced by a foreign power in a domestic situation and that his indictment was motivated by politics and not grounded in law or facts.He, however, refused to name the foreign power to which he alluded, but concluded that he was legally and factually innocent of the allegations made against him.Asked whether or not he ever testified in his own defense, “Chucky” Taylor said he did not, but instead relied on his Public Defender saying, “I relied on the wise counsel of my Public Defender.”He, notwithstanding told his listening audience, “I was innocent of the law at the time” adding, “From what I know now, I would have testified in my ownbehalf” but pointed out, “even if I had testified, it would have been irrelevant in the eyes of the fact finders.”He vowed to call for support and named U.S. Congressman Cori Brown of Florida as someone to whom he has already sent his legal papers.“If given an opportunity, I would have placed all my legal papers on the internet for the world to see,” he stated.He, however, stopped short of saying his that Defense Attorney failed to provide him adequate representation. He neither called for his conviction to be overturned nor that he should be set freed, or be given a retrial.“Chucky” expressed the hope that the United States Congress will launch an investigation into circumstances surrounding his arrest, trial conviction and subsequent sentencing to 97 years of imprisonment.He said he has already filed papers with the office of Attorney General, Eric Holder and the Inspector General written the Inspector General asking for the “rule of law” to prevail. “I will ask for the support of the rule of law,” the young ATU commander said.As founder and head of his father’s Anti-Terrorist Unit based in Gbattala, Bong County, Chucky, as he was notoriously known, was infamous for the most eggregious forms of torture during his father’s tenure as warlord and president of the Republic of Liberia. The ATU was known as the most feared unit of the military, having free reign to deal with dissent as deemed necessary. In one instance, he reportedly tied a man to the back of his vehicle by rope and dragged him on high speed for miles. The man did not survive. Chucky is also said to have conscripted child soldiers, hundreds of whom died on the front lines. It is believed that Chucky was feared even by his father. He was also the founder of the Demon Forces, the unit charged with the president’s personal protection. They were notorious for mattress beatings. As such, it is highly unlikely that he will be set free.Chucky nonetheless, in a distinctive American accent, apologized to anyone whom he “may have” offended or who “perceived” him to have offended them, adding that it was time he reclaimed his name. In a three-word message to his father, he said “Now I understand”.According to TMZ Liberia Magazine, Chucky’s legal name is Charles MacArthur Emmanuel.”Born in 1977 in Boston, Emmanuel lived much of his life in Orlando, Florida, with his mother, Bernice Emmanuel, a college girlfriend of [his father’s, Charles] Taylor. Fearful of Taylor’s attempting to claim custody of Emmanuel, his mother had his name legally changed to Roy Belfast, Jr., the name of her husband. His house, in a neighborhood described as “middle class,” was 9 miles (14 km) away from Universal Studios. In 1994, when he was a teenager, he was involved in an altercation with deputies of Orange County, Florida. Afterward, at the age of 17, Emmanuel moved to Liberia in 1994 to live with his father. During his father’s presidency, Emmanuel became the commander of the infamously violent Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU), commonly known in Liberia as the “Demon Forces.”It is finally noteworthy that Chucky claims to have converted to Islam while in prison. While it is not unusual for convicted criminals to ‘find religion’ while in prison, it may be worth keeping a keen eye on who he associates with in prison. If other prisoners being detained at that level, are also convicted for terroristic crimes, for example, he would fit squarely into their agenda. Of course, as a matter of trust, a top requirement would be that he convert to Islam, in whose name terrorist activities are most often carried out.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more