first_imgStay on target Sushi Striker is a Tastier Puzzle Game on Nintendo SwitchWhat If I Told You The Matrix Code is Just Sushi Recipes? Do you like Kit Kats? They’re delicious, and it’s so addictive to break them in half and enjoy them little by little until the candy bar with the delicious crunchy wafers have been devoured. But have you ever heard of Kit Kat sushi? With all the flavors there are in the world, you would be forgiven for not having heard of it. It exists, however, and it’s awesome.Don’t believe me? Well, just look up at that majestic image. Painstakingly crafted, those sushi Kit Kat flavors are just like the real thing. Three flavors are being created so that you can choose from tuna, tamago (egg) and uni. These flavors sound disgusting, right? The kicker here is that the Kit Kat flavors only look like their real-life sushi counterparts.via KitKat.phIn reality, instead of tasting like tuna, tamago, and uni, they’re actually served on delicious crispy rice instead of regular sushi rice, with raspberry and white chocolate representing the tuna, pumpkin pudding for tamago, and Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese for the uni flavor. There’s a seaweed wrap for each bar, but if that’s too sushi-fied, you don’t have to eat that part. But you can if you want things to be ultra realistic. And why ruin the aesthetic experience?The Kit Kat sushi will be part of a special serving at a shop in the Ginza district of Tokyo starting today, and will no doubt be tasted by plenty of Kit Kat connoisseurs since there are so many excellent flavors to buy over there. Green tea, matcha, strawberry, you name it. If you do happen to be over in Japan while these Kit Kat Sushi treats are available, you should absolutely try one and let us know how they taste.Incidentally, what’s your favorite flavor of Kit Kat?last_img read more