first_imgDear Editor,As we watch the events and the behaviour of the People’s National Congress (PNC)-led coalition since the no-confidence vote of December 21, 2018, the true colours of PNC power is unmistakable. Seems those with their hold on power are bent on taking Guyana back to the dreadful pre-1992 days; are determined to prevent the people from choosing their Government.The PNC-led Government’s obstinate refusal to abide by the Constitution after the no-confidence vote shows clearly that Guyana has bullies in power – people least concerned with service to the country and people; more concerned with hogging power to enrich themselves.Despite the obvious nature of the PNC, it still escapes notice that it is the real obstacle to Guyana’s development. Everyone seem to cling to the illusion that race, racial divide, and racial voting are holding our country back; that when we solve the illusive race problem, all will be well. But the behaviour of those in Government makes it clear that bullyism and not race is Guyana’s real problem.Bullyism was on obscene display against Charrandas Persaud in Guyana’s Parliament when he voted his conscience in service of the people of Guyana. Fortunately, he stood his ground against the dishonourable behaviour by “honourable members” in the supposedly “hallowed” chamber. He showed strength of character on behalf of right-thinking Guyanese who want the best for Guyana. He stood his ground for those of us who want to see Guyana avoid another spell of the destructive dictatorship we were bullied to endure through the pre-1992 years.Since then, the bullying has continued. The flip-flop of the President and Prime Minister from their originally stated positions shows the low level of high office holders. Is it that in the current leaders in Government, the intelligence and morality to interpret and obey constitutional provisions are absent? Or is it that they are intent on bullying to cling to power?The threat of taking the matter to court if the Speaker of the National Assembly did not reverse his ruling in their favour was also bullyism. Now it seems the President and his Government want to bully the Judiciary into reinterpreting accepted meanings, norms and conventions. Should they fail in bullying the Judiciary, is the next move to continue bullying power from the people?The events since December 21, 2018, and pronouncements by the fallen Government, should make Guyanese reflect on the nature of those who comprise the coalition. Do we want people devoid of conscience, grabbing the good life for themselves, and energised only by greed, and hatred for another party, ruling our country?Bullies are bullies because they lack a conscience and live as if laws and the rules do not apply to them. According to Government, the vote was supposed to be devoid of conscience. A nation with rulers without conscience and governed without it is doomed. And it is clear where Guyana has been heading under the now failed Government-led by the PNC.Dismissing thousands of workers without a thought for their welfare and the social impact is heartless. Hiding US$18 million of the people’s money is devoid of conscience. It is because we have political players who are bullies without conscience that Guyana is stuck in underdevelopment. The sooner we realise bullyism is the blight of our nation and not race, racial divide, or racial voting, only then our development obstacles can be overcome.A look at the behaviour of the bullies shows racism is a major tool. They beat and kill their own race who break rank from them. This explains why Kwame McCoy was so brutally beaten on Election Day 2015. They reward handsomely for other races to join them as tokens to hide their racism and loyalty to their unholy alliance. The A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change 2015 accord and the prompt, huge increases granted to themselves bears this out.It might be worth noting the party in Government was born out of bullyism and continues to exist, and gain power by it. Bullyism caused the split from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in the fifties. It ignited the race riots of the sixties. It subjected us to rigged elections for 28 years and sets Guyana’s development back for decades. It forced us to endure the horrors and the difficulties of those dark days. It killed Walter Rodney, Father Darke among others. The bullying continued in violence perpetuated between 1992 and 2015. Bullyism by the PNC showed itself in after-election violence through the years. It gave us the “troubled years” 2001 to 2008, as the President likes to call them. It continued in Parliament between 2011 and 2015 with voting against development projects for the progress of Guyana. It is displayed in blatant disregard for public opinion, the Constitution, as with the no-confidence vote, and laws of the land.Bullyism ensures dysfunction of constitutional commissions and offices. The President’ disregard for established and accepted practice in the appointment of GECOM’s Chairman is a blatant display of bullying. It is also a clear example of how bullies ensure dysfunction so they can have things their way. The claim by Government and its agents within the Guyana Elections Commission that they cannot have elections within the stipulated time is trying to exploit the dysfunction created.We Guyanese are continuously being intellectually bullied to see the PPP/Civic as racist and destroying Guyana when in fact, the PPP/C rebuilt it from the destruction it inherited in 1992. Bullyism wants us to see post 1992 as the worst period in the country instead of pre-1992. Bullyism prevented the holding of Local Government Elections since 1994, then once in power claim it as achievement.Bullies also label the bullied with their crimes. The corrupt and lawless label others with corruption and lawlessness and try to prove it as so. Spent millions on 50 forensic audits to prove the PPP/C did what they are doing. Now the bullies having bullied their way to power seem determined to bully the nation and cling to power beyond what the supreme law of the land allows. The behaviour of the PNC-led coalition shows Guyana’s obstacle to development is not illusive racism, racial divide, or racial voting. It is the blight of bullyism. When Guyanese refuse to allow themselves to be bullied or bought by bullies, when we elect leaders of conscience, focused on serving the nation instead of stealing the good life for themselves. Then the institutions of our State will function as they should and our nation will prosper for the good of everyone.Sincerely,Art Fosterlast_img read more