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first_imgMINOT, N.D. (July 6) – Jeff Taylor left the gremlins back home in Arkansas.Taylor led all 30 laps of Sunday’s Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Tour main event for IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds at Nodak Speedway. The $2,000 victory came on a record-setting opening night for the 25th annual series and clearly got Taylor’s title quest started right. “We came here better prepared than last year and didn’t have to fight the gremlins off,” said Tay­lor, ninth in the 2013 tour point standings. “I wasn’t very good in hot laps but we loosened the car a bunch and I had a good car in my heat and the feature. It was fun to drive.”Taylor drew the outside row two start and used the bottom and middle grooves to get to the front, then moved higher up on the track to stay there. ‘B’ winner Ryan Ruter and Shawn Strand both pressured the leader before falling back and finishing well off the pace in second and third, respec­tively. Hard charger Brian Mullen advanced 20 spots to fourth. Adam Larson completed the top five. Defend­ing champion Aaron Turnbull improved 17 positions to seventh. The tour runner-up and a three-time winner in 2012, Taylor took the opening night checkers in a Industrial Electric, Spur Bar, New Vision Graphics and Provence Construction sponsored ride.A series single event record 84 Modifieds from 16 states and Canada saw action at Minot. The previous tour best was 81, established at Mandan in 2011 and equaled at Minot two years ago.Elijah Zevenbergen picked up where he left off last July, winning the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car fea­ture from outside row one. The defending champ led all 25 circuits, running the high side until he caught up with the back of the field and then moving to the bottom. “We’re starting off good. It was a good night for us,” said Zevenbergen, who changed his setup after light rain fell mid-program. His sponsors include Mega Inc., Z-Dash Machine and D & K Transportation. Kody Scholpp, Nathan Burke, Perry Misner and Dalton Flory were next across the stripe.A Dakota Tour record 34 Stock Cars ran Sunday at Minot. Both divisions are at Estevan Motor Speedway for round two of the tour on Monday, July 7. The grandstand opens at 5 p.m., hot laps are at 6 p.m. and racing starts at 7 p.m.Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Jeff Taylor, Cave City, Ark.; 2. Ryan Ruter, Kanawha, Iowa; 3. Shawn Strand, Man­dan; 4. Brian Mullen, Seymour, Wis.; 5. Adam Larson, Ankeny, Iowa; 6. Spencer Wilson, Minot; 7. Aaron Turnbull, Estevan, Sask.; 8. Drew Christianson, Minot; 9. Steven Pfeifer, Minot; 10. Hank Berry, Sidney, Mont.; 11. Darin Duffy, Urbana, Iowa; 12. Tim Ward, Gilbert, Ariz.; 13. David Murray Jr., Oberlin, Kan.; 14. Jordan Huettl, Minot; 15. Lance Mari, Imperial, Calif.; 16. Eric Sinness, Williston; 17. Curt Lund, Redwood Falls, Minn.; 18. Rusty Kollman, Carrington; 19. Randy Artz, Battle Mountain, Nev.; 20. Wayne Johnson, Minot; 21. John Hansen, Brush, Colo.; 22. Allen Kent, Minot; 23. Jeff Larson, Lakefield, Minn.; 24. John Flory, Williston; 25. Chris Bragg, Springtown, Texas.Heat winners were Kollman, Wilson, Mari, Strand, Artz, Taylor, Bragg and Huettl.1st “B” feature (top four) – 1. Christianson; 2. Murray; 3. Sinness; 4. Johnson. 2nd “B” feature – 1. Ruter; 2. Adam Larson; 3. Jeff Larson; 4. Kent. 3rd “B” feature – 1. Lund; 2. Duffy; 3. Ward; 4. Turnbull. 4th “B” feature – 1. Hansen; 2. Pfeifer; 3. Flory; 4. Mullen. Past champions provisional – Berry. Stock Cars – 1. Elijah Zevenbergen, Ocheyedan, Iowa; 2. Kody Scholpp, Estevan, Sask.; 3. Na­than Burke, Minot; 4. Perry Misner, Garden City, Kan.; 5. Dalton Flory, Williston; 6. Joe Flory, Willis­ton; 7. Matt Speckman, Sleepy Eye, Minn.; 8. Greg Wichman, Bonduel, Wis.; 9. Dave Swallers, Williston; 10. Jake Lunderby, Sidney, Mont.; 11. Gregg Mann, Estevan, Sask.; 12. Jor­dan Durward, Trenton; 13. Cody Nelson, Kenmare; 14. Chris Ellis, Minot; 15. Justin Striefel, Minot; 16. Zach Frederick, Richardton; 17. Scott Yale, Minot; 18. Aden Clark, Stanley; 19. Jake Nelson, Williston; 20. Blaine Durward, Trenton; 21. Brenden Eilts, Grand Island, Neb.; 22. Billy Preston, Burlington; 23. Austin Daae, Estevan, Sask.; 24. Michael Vennes, Minot.1st heat (top three) – 1. Scholpp; 2. Vennes; 3. Swallers. 2nd heat – 1. Zevenbergen; 2. Daae; 3. Joe Flory. 3rd heat – 1. Wichman; 2. Dalton Flory; 3. Misner. 4th heat – 1. Burke; 2. Preston; 3. Jordan Durward.1st “B” feature (top six) – 1. Speckman; 2. Ellis; 3. Yale; 4. Frederick; 5. Blaine Durward; 6. Clark. 2nd “B” feature – 1. Lunderby; 2. Mann; 3. Cody Nelson; 4. Jake Nelson; 5. Striefel; 6. Eilts.30last_img read more

first_img49ers clinch playoff berth with:49ers win AND Rams loss or tie OR49ers tie AND Rams lossSeattle Seahawks(at Rams)Seahawks clinch playoff berth with:Seahawks win or tieAFC playoff pictureRavens (10-2)Patriots (10-2)Texans (10-2)Chiefs (8-4)Bills (9-3)Steelers (7-5)In the hunt: Titans (7-5), Raiders (6-6), Colts (6-6), Browns (5-7)NFC playoff pictureSaints (10-2)Seahawks (10-2)Packers (9-3)Cowboys (6-7)49ers (10-2)Vikings (8-4)In the hunt: Rams (7-5), Bears (7-6), Eagles (5-7), Buccaneers (5-7), Panthers (5-7) MORE: Full NFL playoff picture for Week 14There’s also a wacky scenario in which the Bills, not the Ravens, the Patriots or the Chiefs, would become the first AFC team to clinch a playoff spot. It’s an unlikely scenario that would have to begin with Buffalo upsetting Baltimore on Sunday, but it’s a possibility nonetheless.If Buffalo beats Baltimore, Tennessee beats Oakland, Denver beats or ties Houston and Tampa Bay beats or ties Indianapolis, then the Bills would clinch a playoff berth before the Patriots and Chiefs get their chances to do so in the late Sunday afternoon window. You never know.Here are all the Week 14 NFL playoff clinching scenarios for the Ravens, Bills, Chiefs, Patriots, 49ers and Seahawks.NFL playoff clinching scenarios for Week 14Baltimore Ravens(at Bills)Ravens clinch AFC North title with:Ravens win AND Steelers loss or tie ORRavens tie AND Steelers lossRavens clinch playoff berth with:Ravens win ORRavens tie AND Texans loss or tie ORRavens tie AND Titans loss or tie ORTexans loss AND Colts loss or tie AND Raiders-Titans tie(UPDATE: The Ravens clinched a playoff berth with their win over the Bills.)Buffalo Bills(vs. Ravens)Bills clinch playoff berth with:Bills win AND Raiders loss or tie AND Texans loss AND Colts loss or tieKansas City Chiefs(at Patriots)Chiefs clinch AFC West title with:Chiefs win AND Raiders loss(UPDATE: The Chiefs clinched the AFC West title with their win over the Patriots and the Raiders’ loss to the Titans.)New England Patriots(vs. Chiefs)Patriots clinch playoff berth with:Patriots win ORPatriots tie AND Steelers loss ORPatriots tie AND Texans loss or tie ORPatriots tie AND Titans loss or tie ORTexans loss AND Colts loss or tie AND Raiders-Titans tieSan Francisco 49ers(at Saints) NFL playoff clinching scenarios are growing in numbers as we near the end of the 2019 regular season, and in Week 14, six teams have chances to clinch either postseason berths or division titles.The Saints last week became the first team in the NFL to clinch a playoff spot when they beat the Falcons to win the NFC South title. This week, the Ravens and Chiefs are the only teams that can clinch their respective division titles. The Bills, Patriots, Seahawks and 49ers have scenarios in which they would clinch playoff berths but not the AFC East or NFC West.last_img read more