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first_imgOne the all-time best hip hop collectives reunited this weekend for an almost unbelievable concert. Dungeon Family–the oversized Atlanta-area hip hop super group featuring Outkast, Goodie Mob, Killer Mike, and many more–reunited for One MusicFest at Aaron’s Amphitheater in Lakewood, Georgia.First of all, the festival had a ridiculous lineup of Ice Cube, Erykah Badu, A$AP Ferg, Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, Gary Clark Jr., and Busta Rhymes, on top of scheduled sets from Dungeon Family members Big Boi, Goodie Mob, Cee Lo Green, Killer Mike, and Organize Noize. What. A. Lineup.The individual sets turned into one giant Dungeon Family party, with Andre 3000 making his surprise appearance early on in the set and staying there for the majority of the evening, spitting fire like he was a teenager again. With a live band and DJ combination backing them up, each member/group had their time in the sun. The show featured group blowouts like “Trans DF Express” alongside Outkast hits like “The Whole World”, and “So Fresh, So Clean”, Goodie Mobb hits like “Cell Therapy”, and solo songs like Cee Lo’s Gnarls Barkley mega-hit “Crazy” and Killer Mike’s “Never Scared”, which featured guest appearances by ATL natives T.I. and Bone Crusher.Perhaps the most surprising moment of the night, Erykah Badu hopped on stage with Outkast for “Liberation”, making a rare on-stage appearance with her ex-husband and father of her child Andre 3000. It was that kind of night, as the love on stage between the members of the Dungeon Family was clear. We hope this wasn’t a one-off, as a Dungeon Family tour would be truly epic.See below for a few videos from this incredible and rare performance (please excuse for the extremely heavy bass!!!!)Watch “Trans DF Express” with Dungeon Family, courtesy of YouTube user elbudooWatch “The Whole World” with Outkast and Killer Mike, courtesy of YouTube user AP MorinWatch Outkast perform “Hootie Hoo”, courtesy of elbudooWatch Cee Lo perform his Gnarls Barkley hit “Crazy”, courtesy of YouTube user Spencer ClementsWatch “Liberation” with Outkast, Cee Lo, and Erykah Badu, courtesy of YouTube user Amber D Rampleylast_img read more

first_imgZoe, a loggerhead sea turtle that lived at the Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island, Georgia, for the past five years, was released on the island Saturday, Sept. 30.A large crowd of local residents and tourists gathered with cameras ready as Zoe was lowered into the water just south of the pier on Tybee Beach, where the sea turtle hatched.Jillian Norrie, an environmental educator at the center who recently served as one of the sea turtle’s caretakers, lowered her into the water and she quickly swam out of sight.“She wasn’t really a pet, but she did recognize me as the one who fed her,” Norrie said. “I do feel sad, but Zoe is going to do very well in the ocean.”The staff at the center taught Zoe how to hunt and live on her own.“We took care of Zoe for five years, fed her well, made sure she was living in a good environment with appropriate water quality, diet and enrichment activities,” said David Weber, Burton 4-H Center program coordinator. “It wasn’t too hard. Primarily, she just needed a little help getting stronger as a baby, but there was a lot to keep track of and monitor as she grew to make sure she was as healthy as possible.” Before being released, the sea turtle was outfitted with a satellite transmitter that will track her location. “We are hoping to be able to follow her and collect data for several months, but it is really hard to say just how long the transmitter will stay attached to her shell,” said Paul Coote, 4-H center director. “Due to the turtle’s feeding habits, the tracker may get damaged pretty quickly. We hope it will continue to transmit for several months, maybe even six months if we’re lucky.”Since she was rescued as a stranded hatchling, Zoe served as a teaching tool at Burton 4-H center. About 9,000 students attend environmental education and 4-H summer camps at the 4-H center each year, and they meet a wide array of wildlife native to southeastern Georgia, from nonvenomous snakes to baby alligators. In all, about 40,000 students interacted with Zoe during her time at the 4-H center. Burton 4-H Center now has a new loggerhead sea turtle straggler, Belle, who will take Zoe’s place educating 4-H center visitors. In about five years, Belle will be also released. The public will soon be able to track Zoe through a link on the Burton 4-H Center website at read more

first_imgI’ve had my fair share of close calls from motorists skimming the hairs on my arm or unexpectedly jamming their breaks to avoid rolling me over the hood of their cars. Between beer bottles, apple cores, McDonalds Chicken McNugget containers and the unoriginal slurs, I have had plenty of things hurled at me from the passenger side window.The most terrifying experience occurred on a backcountry dirt road where I was chased by what appeared to be an intoxicated driver and forced off my bike. Two brutish men jumped from the car and immediately began berating me. I escaped unscathed. I was one of the lucky ones.And that’s when I decided to change my own attitude towards motorists.Until this incident, I was the guy who needed to be on a leash following a close call with a vehicle. Like a shark smelling blood in shallow waters, I was immediately angry, screaming, throwing water bottles, and making damn sure that whale of a Suburban knew I would break off his mirror if I saw him at the next light. But I am not a shark. I am a blue gill …at best.This strategy does not work. It’s simple. I’m a buck 40 soaking wet. A ’95 Honda Civic, one of the smaller cars on the road, comes in at 2500 pounds. You don’t have to be a physics major to understand that the momentum equation doesn’t work in a cyclist’s favor. So what can we do?I wave. Yes… I wave. I wave at everyone.The adversarial bike-verses-car mentality doesn’t work. In order to coexist on the road, motorists and cyclist must understand one another first. In developing a mutual respect, one party must make the first move. That’s my goal with this simple gesture—a preemptive wave to cut tension before it boils over.Sometimes you can “feel” a car coming, and you know they aren’t expecting you. Perhaps you hear the roar of a tractor trailer or a Penske moving truck rolling at light speed like a star destroyer. I know I need first to be seen, then stay to the right and give my hand a quick wave. The wave says, “I hope I’m not in your way. Thanks in advance for acknowledging my presence and giving me a few feet.”I’m not always right either. Sometimes, I don’t hear that Prius behind me, or I have gone to the yellow line to avoid some man-eating potholes. Get that hand up there again. This time I’m saying, “My bad! I’m sorry about that, please don’t hold it against me (or my similarly dressed friends.)”I wave at kids on the sidewalk – one day they too will be drivers. I wave at farmers on tractors and soccer moms coming the other way, just to say hello. The postman gets another wave, and fellow cyclists, they get one too. And now, instead of chasing down and screaming at the car that nearly puts me in a ditch, I still wave. (Ok, maybe I swear to myself once they are out of sight.) It’s a lot of waving, but hey I’m a cyclist and the upper body could use some more exercise.It is my hope, and my goal, that something as simple as a wave will help more cyclists to recognize and respect the drivers around them, and that motorists see cyclists not as a burden, but as another life, another father, another mother, a son, a daughter… another person worth waving back to.last_img read more

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 24-year-old man was shot and killed in his hometown of Brentwood and a second victim was wounded in the same shooting on Saturday night, Suffolk County police said.Officers responded to a 911 call reporting shots fired on Gibson Avenue, where they found Kenneth Evans and another man injured at 10:50 p.m., police said.Both men were taken to a local hospital, where Evans was pronounced dead and the other man, only identified as a Brentwood resident in his 20s was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.Homicide Squad detectives are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information on the shooting to call them at 631-852-6394 or call anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.last_img read more

first_imgThe breach comes at a time when e-commerce has become an essential need as people opt for online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic. New sellers on Tokopedia, particularly in the personal health category, have seen a 250 percent surge, while business research and consultancy firm Inventure Indonesia categorizes e-commerce as one of the few sectors to benefit from social distancing. A recent data breach jeopardizing more than 15 million user accounts of Indonesian unicorn Tokopedia has exposed the vulnerability of personal data on digital platforms as Indonesians increasingly turn to e-commerce to meet their needs from home.The cybersecurity research collective Under the Breach told The Jakarta Post in an e-mail correspondence that large companies such as Tokopedia were at a disadvantage by having a lot of employees with access to the companies’ internal systems.“Hackers often use social engineering tactics to send phishing emails to employees, which in return allows them access to different systems inside the company,” the e-mail reads. Furthermore, big companies usually rely heavily on third party companies’ products that integrate with their systems, which means the third parties have access to the company’s internal and sensitive systems further exposing it to the risk of hacking.The collective first reported the massive data leak on its official Twitter page @underthebreach on May 2. It also revealed that data on 91 million Tokopedia users was allegedly being sold online for US$5,000.center_img Communication & Information System Security Research Center (CISSReC) chairman Pratama Persadha said the incident would cause concern among consumers shopping in online marketplaces, especially those which held payment data such as credit and debit card information.“It’s possible that other e-commerce platforms have been hacked too,” he said referring to the 2015 Bukalapak data breach. “It’s just that Tokopedia’s hackers opted to publicize and sell the data to the public while others might have asked for money directly from the company.”Read also: Small businesses resort to online channels to survive pandemicThe Hacker-Powered Security Report 2019 published by bug bounty platform HackerOne suggests that data leaks among retail and e-commerce platforms are happening more frequently than is recognized as more than two-thirds of all retailers consider cybercrime their top security issue.Meanwhile, recent research by security firm Kaspersky shows that identifiable personal information such as name and age are the type of data most often targeted by cybercriminals. Once hit by a cyberattack, 29 percent of the targeted companies said that they had difficulties attracting new customers.Read also: Hacking against corporations surges as workers take computers homeInstitute for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM) said Tokopedia as a digital platform and data holder must notify its users, especially those whose data were breached, in accordance with Government Regulation (PP) No. 71/2019.Communication and Information Ministerial Regulation No. 20/2016 allows for a notification process of up to 14 days, whereas the personal data protection bill would require it to be done within three days.“Unfortunately, although [the data leak] happened a few days ago, there has still not been any written notification from the platform provider to its consumers as personal data owners,” ELSAM wrote in an official press statement.Indonesia has yet to have its own version of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as deliberations have stalled since the government submitted the draft bill to the House of Representatives in January.Read also: Data protection bill: House, activists warn of abuse of powerTokopedia held a meeting on Monday with Communications and Information Minister Johnny G. Plate and the National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN), after which the minister said financial and user data were “safe”.“Tokopedia has explained that user accounts and financial data are safe. It was conveyed [during the meeting that Tokopedia’s] security system cannot be breached, although data relating to names, emails and telephone numbers may have partly been accessed by hackers,” Johnny said after the meeting. “Tokopedia is conducting an in-depth evaluation.”Tokopedia spokesperson Nuraini Razak stressed that users should change their passwords periodically to prevent further data breaches and phishing.Indonesia E-Commerce Association (idEA) chairman Ignatius Untung said that people should not be worried about using e-commerce sites as each platform would try to improve security regardless of whether a data breach has happened.He went on to say that every platform that has experienced data leakage must be regarded as a victim rather than the perpetrator as he believed no e-commerce platform would intentionally create a faulty security system so that data could be leaked.Read also: E-commerce dominates in 2019 with Tokopedia topping the list“It is unfortunate that the platform is often considered as the only party responsible in cases of a data breach,” he said. “While the hackers are often spared from scrutiny, even though they are the culprits.”The term “hacker” often has negative connotations associated with criminality. However, there has been a growing trend of good bug bounty hackers whose job it is to detect companies’ privacy gaps and report them to be fixed.“Bug bounties are getting more popular in the cybersecurity industry and they go hand-in-hand with penetration testing as a form of defense-in-depth solution,” said Singapore-based HackerOne hacker Samuel Eng.According to HackOne data, in the past year, the retail and e-commerce industry saw a 23 percent growth in hacker-powered security programs but it still only accounted for 4 percent of all hacker-powered security programs.Topics :last_img read more

first_imgThe obligation to use mark-to-market accounting and benchmarks are “diseases in the capital market”, according to Eric Breval, director of Switzerland’s first-pillar pension fund AHV. Speaking at the Swiss Leadership Pensions Forum in Zurich, Breval said he was convinced that, without these two “diseases”, it would be “absolutely feasible” for a Swiss pension fund to produce an annual return of 3% in Swiss francs.For a long-term investor, he said, volatility in bond investments “should not matter”, as long as the invested money plus interest is returned after the duration ends.“But, with mark-to-market valuation, you see every loss and profit during the period,” he said. However, Breval conceded that most Pensionskassen, including the AHV, could not avoid the mark-to-market approach completely.“All we can do is diversify,” he said.At the same event, Vera Kupper Staub, vice-president at the country’s top supervisory body OAK, detailed the institution’s plans for a new approach to assessing pension funds’ investment risk.The OAK is looking at four different risk parameters, including funding levels, return/interest rate promises, recovery strength and investment risk.Using those key figures, the supervisor will derive an overall picture of the second-pillar system’s health.For the assessment, to be initiated early next year via an online questionnaire, the OAK aims to “completely overhaul” the way it considers investment risk, Kupper Staub said in her keynote speech.“Currently, we focus more on qualitative parameters, but, from next year, we will focus on volatility risks,” she said.This assessment will be derived from the basic portfolio information, with rough figures on allocations to basic asset classes such as bonds, equities and real estate.“However, those Pensionskassen that voluntarily report more detailed information on their portfolios will get a more accurate risk assessment,” Kupper Staub said.She stressed that this would not be mandatory.She also took pains to emphasise that individual Pensionskassen should refrain from using the OAK’s risk assessment to make any strategic decisions.“It is a view of the whole system for which we have to make simplifications, and it is no representation of the individual situation of each Pensionskasse, as each fund has to take different additional risk parameters into account,” she said.Kupper Staub said that, on the one hand, risk in the second pillar had decreased in recent years, as capital markets had performed better.On the other hand, she said, those pension funds with above-mandatory assets had taken advantage of their “leeway” to minimise risk and adjust technical parameters.“But the Achilles heel of the system is its reduced ability to restructure successfully,” Kupper Staub said.“This makes it crucial for its stability that actuarially correct parameters be applied.”The debate surrounding the conversion rate – which is to be cut from 6.8% to 6% under the Altersvorsorge 2020 reform – is a heated one, as experts have warned that the 6% rate would be too high once the reform took effect, and that many funds had already fallen below that threshold.last_img read more

first_imgFor USS, this means around 320 private markets assets will be accessible, which include infrastructure, property, private debt and private equity.These assets include a substantial investment in on- and offshore windfarms and major stakes in critical UK infrastructure such as Heathrow, Thames Water and NATS, the air traffic control business, it said.Bill Galvin, USS group chief executive officer, said this initiative wiil not only give the fund’s DC members “access to a range of private market assets where USS’s approach has led the pension fund market,” but it also highlights the innovative ways in which “we continually look to enhance our offering to members.”The private markets portfolio is run by a dedicated team in the scheme’s investment management subsidiary, USS Investment Management Limited. The private markets group was first established in 2007 and has a portfolio worth more than £17bn.Having in-house investment capabilities through its investment management subsidiary, USS has developed a solution which is anticipated to enhance the return profile of the Default Lifestyle Option with no increase in cost to members or to their employers, it said.“We have always been clear that any DC investments must be within stringent cost boundaries that demonstrate value-for-money to our members and employers,” Galvin said, adding that this change is being done at no additional cost to members and “in line with our overall investment philosophy.”A UK government consultation in February 2019 was unveiled, aimed at increasing workplace DC schemes’ investment in so-called illiquid assets.Six months later UK asset managers proposed a new fund structure aimed at local authority pension funds and DC schemes to support investors looking to access illiquid assets.The Investment Association (IA), the industry trade body, presented its plans last summer for a new fund structure specifically designed to invest in illiquid asset classes.The fund said its move demonstrates that organisations with the scale and capabilities of USS can provide access for members to these investments at a reasonable cost. Universities Superannuation Scheme, the UK’s largest private pension scheme with £63.6bn (€75.3bn) in total assets, has moved to allow members of its defined contribution (DC) “Investment Builder” funds access to its private markets investments.The move comes as its DC assets under management have exceeded £1bn, a statement has revealed.The fund said private market assets have been difficult to provide to DC members in the UK because they are not traded daily and incur high charges, in addition to being highly illiquid investments.From March, around 85,000 DC members will see the investment remit of their funds in the Default Lifestyle Option expanded to include an allocation to private markets – the fastest-growing part of the USS investment portfolio – which have hitherto only been available in the defined benefit (DB) section.last_img read more

first_imgBy VicenteVillavert The government must ensure that allpublic structures, especially bridges, school buildings and hospitals, areearthquake-proof through the conduct of a nationwide structural evaluation andby retrofitting these structures to allow them to withstand destructive naturaloccurrences such as earthquakes,” she added. “Earthquakes turn into major disastersdue to unsafe and poorly built structures, inappropriate site location ofinfrastructure projects, inadequate design and materials specification, andshortcuts in construction,” Legarda said. She added that other priority steps inearthquake preparedness include the regular conduct of safety drills;establishment of an early warning system for earthquake and tsunami;determining open spaces for safe refuge; and ensuring that back-up systems ofvital utilities are in place for speedy recovery and rehabilitation efforts,and a ready evacuation plan in every barangay in the country. “The additional expense required formaking structures safe from earthquakes is essentially a good investmentespecially if it will save thousands of precious lives,” she said. Broderick Train, an official of the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office in Antique, urges government personnel, employees and the public to participate in the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill at the Provincial Capitol in San Jose de Buenavista town tomorrow. VWV/PIA ANTIQUEcenter_img “We cannot predict when an earthquakewill occur. Therefore, we must always remain vigilant for more aftershocks andother effects of the temblor,” said Legarda.(With PIA/PN) “As part of the learning experience,we will wait for the alarm of the siren as our signal considering that wereally do not know when and where the earthquake will occur. This way, we willexperience how to respond to the impact of the earthquake,” PDRRMO officialBroderick Train on Monday said, adding that the drill is significant to raiseawareness to the people as envisioned by the NSED. Lone District Rep. and Deputy Housespeaker Loren Legarda, meanwhile, urged the local government units to take theinitiative in strengthening earthquake preparedness measures. SAN JOSE, Antique – An official of theProvincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) here urgedgovernment personnel, employees and the public to participate in the NationalSimultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) tomorrow at the Provincial Capitol.last_img read more

first_img Promoted ContentEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show YouCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By OdeithBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them7 Universities In The World With The Highest Market Value5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks6 TV Characters Whose Departures Have Made The Shows BetterPlaying Games For Hours Can Do This To Your BodyInsane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street Art The 28-year-old is appealing against an eight-year ban for refusing to give a doping sample. The three-time Olympic freestyle champion’s career will effectively be over if he loses his appeal at the Swiss Federal Tribunal. China has world champions in other sports, and finished third behind the United States and Britain in the medal table at the Rio 2016 Olympics, but they are not generally well-known even inside the country, Xinhua said. Table tennis player Zhang Jike, another three-time Olympic gold medallist, deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Lin, said the Oriental Sports Daily. But at 32 his best days are behind him and as far back as 2016 he signalled his intention to retire, before having a change of heart. Loading… Read Also: Tension mounts in Premier League relegation battle “When will the next Lin Dan and China’s next sports superstar appear again?” asked the newspaper. “This question may not be answered in a short space of time.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 The retirement of two-time Olympic champion Lin Dan signals the end of a golden era of Chinese sporting superstars, state media said on Tuesday. Arguably the greatest badminton player of all time, the 36-year-old said on Saturday that he was bringing the curtain down on a career that also brought five world titles. NBA All-Star Yao Ming, Olympic gold-medal hurdler Liu Xiang and two-time tennis Grand Slam champion Li Na have all retired in the last decade. “With the ‘Super Dan’ curtain call, people cannot help but sigh,” Xinhua news agency said. “The era of the superstar that once belonged to Chinese sports has faded. “When will the next Lin Dan appear? Or when will the next Yao Ming, Liu Xiang and Li Na appear? “Where is the next Chinese sports superstar who will create a collective memory for us?” The quartet were not just world leaders in their sport and popular in China, but also had “considerable influence in the international arena and became a window for the world to understand China,” Xinhua said. Of prominent Chinese athletes left, women’s volleyball player Zhu Ting has the potential to rise to superstar level, Xinhua said, while disgraced swimmer Sun Yang “enjoys high popularity (in China), but unfortunately he is banned”.last_img read more

first_imgRandy Lamar started out front and stayed there the entire 15-lap Shawn’s Auto Service IMCA Hobby Stock feature. The Freeport, Ill. ace drew the number one after his heat and fended off a crazy finish to win the IMCA Modified 25-lap special and the $1,000 top prize, as well as a Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot berth.  There is no racing this Saturday June 15. Action continues on the 3/8-mile, dirt oval Tuesday June 18 highlighted by the Deery Brothers Summer Series IMCA Late Models event rained out earlier this season. The winner of the 50-lap feature takes home at least $2,000. Cox broke on the restart to bring out another yellow. Larson ran the low groove early in the event, switched high to try and run down Cox and then finished high to outrun Timmy Current. Matt Short, Mike Fryer and Jarrett Franzen followed.  Justin Becker ended an even bigger win streak by taking the 15-lap B&D Pit Stop IMCA Northern SportMod final. Tyler Soppe had won all four points races heading into the evening.  Larson led all but two laps that a high-side charging Ray Cox Jr. paced. A caution as the white flag was about to fly bunched the field for a two-lap dash.center_img Andy Nezworski’s string of two straight Andover Meat IMCA Late Model wins came to an end. Todd Malmstrom started fifth, moved to the point early and held off Justin Kay to win the 25-lap feature.  Terry Dulin worked the low groove to perfection, worked his way to the front and held off Kyle Merkes by a bumper at the GRE/REV Chassis IMCA Stock Car checkers. By Rob Hinckley MAQUOKETA, Iowa (June 8) – The pill draw was key for Jeff Larson Saturday at Maquoketa Speed­way.last_img read more